The Gannon Family

Cynthia and I messaged for several months before we were finally able to get together to photograph her family session. But when we finally did shoot together, it was totally worth the wait! The light was amazing and the Evansville State Hospital Grounds were absolutely perfect for her family! The Gannons are gorgeous, inside and out, and even though it’s always a little bit of a circus when kids are involved in photo sessions, I think their collection of images showcases all of the love, laughter, and insanity that comes with being part of a family.

A mother, father, and their son posing and smiling in a green field A little boy and his mom giving each other eskimo kisses and laughing A mom, dad, and boy walking in a golden sunlit field of green A mom, dad, and their son playing and walking through a manicured field of green grass A family sitting on a green lawn cuddling with each other a mom, dad, and their son smiling A father and his son holding hands running through a green field having fun and laughing A mom looking back over her shoulder as she and her husband and son walk through a green field A man and woman holding hands as their son plays around them A mom, dad, and their son standing at the side of a pond feeding ducks A mom, dad, and their son feeding ducks at the Evansville State Hospital Grounds A little boy lovingly hanging on his mother's shoulders


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