Peyton + Joe

From the halls of their high school days to their trips to Rural King (because, popcorn), Peyton and Joe have had so many adventures together over their 6 year relationship! Countless hours have been spent discovering and enjoying the best chips, salsa and ice cream in town, binging Netflix, cooking up culinary masterpieces, and renovating their future home together. But their favorite pastime of all, which has become an annual summer tradition, is grabbing their favorite grub and spending the evening at the drive-in theater. Sounds like a perfect date night to me!

The Proposal

Joe took Peyton to his family’s river camp on their first date. Everything came full circle when he decided to propose to her. Because nostalgia runs deep with these two, Joe decided the best place to ask his long-time love to be his wife was where it all began; back at the river camp. I agree that the best thing in life is spending time with your loved ones in a place that holds so many memories, so I wholly approved of Joe’s plan! I can just imagine how beautiful and peaceful it must have been, surrounded by trees and water, and how happy Peyton and Joe were when Peyton accepted Joe’s proposal!

The Engagement Session

The outdoors is important to both Joe and Peyton and they wanted their love for the country to shine through in their engagement session. I had the perfect location in mind for them! We met at my favorite spot at Blue Grass Wildlife Preserve in Evansville, IN and took our time making some truly beautiful images.

I could tell that Joe was a little nervous when we first began shooting. However, he quickly warmed up to the camera when he saw how much fun Peyton was having and how beautiful she looked. And she truly was beautiful!

I am so thrilled with how Joe and Peyton’s engagement photos turned out! I think they are the perfect reflection of their personalities and how they each complete one another. I cannot wait to meet up with them again this August and witness what will be the happiest moment of their lives to date!


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