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The Whitehead Family

One of the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet, work with, and create a friendship with is Andrea Whitehead, the owner of House of White bridal shop. Her boutique is GORGEOUS and I highly recommend that any bride add this stop to their list of wedding dress shops they visit! If not for the great selection of stunning gowns, but for the opportunity to meet and hang out with one of the coolest girls in Newburgh, IN! I was so excited to be able to capture some truly epic moments in Andrea’s family history this summer, including her maternity session and following up with her very first family photos! Andrea’s baby bump was gorgeous and her actual baby is even more beautiful! Add in her adoring husband and their darling Victorian home for snuggles and backdrop, and you pretty much have a recipe for perfection. evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0005evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0006evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0007evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0008evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0009evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0010evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0011evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0012evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0013evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0014evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0015evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0016evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0017evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0018evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0019evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0020