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Welcome, Baby Claire

 I have had the pleasure of welcoming two little ones of my own into this world and those two moments have definitely been the most spiritual of my life. I have never felt closer to Heaven and angels than when I met my children for the first time. Having the opportunity to continue to witness the miracle of birth through the lens of my camera has a special place in my heart and I am so grateful to the women who have allowed me to do this. I know that it’s to their benefit to have me there, concentrating on “getting the shot” so that they and their spouse can be in the moment, but I  honestly feel like I am the one who is given a gift every time I get to be a part of their birth experience. The thought that runs through my head as I am rushing out the door to the hospital is that I am about to walk with angels again. I hope that the photos I capture help to preserve the amazing experience of meeting their children for the first time because it really is an experience like no other! Without further adieu, I present to you baby Claire’s birth story…