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Hazel is 2: Evansville Children’s Photographer

This little peanut turned 2 this summer and this styled shoot was absolutely perfect for her! Every day Hazel wakes up asking to wear a “mincess dress” (princess dress), a necklace, lip gloss, and perfume. Nothing less than feminine luxury would represent her personality! What an absolute joy she is!

The Muncy Family

I love it when families invite me into their homes for lifestyle family portrait sessions! It makes the collection of images so much more personal and meaningful, especially when the occasion for photos is due to welcoming a new baby to the family! Welcome, baby Claire! You are one lucky little girl to be part of such an amazing family!

Jayde is One! The Cutest Cake Smash of All Time!

I adore 1 year old cake smash sessions because they are just so dang CUTE! My heart was not prepared for the cuteness overload when two of Jayde’s best friends photo bombed to help her scarf down her cake. And she couldn’t have been happier about it!

The Whitehead Family

One of the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet, work with, and create a friendship with is Andrea Whitehead, the owner of House of White bridal shop. Her boutique is GORGEOUS and I highly recommend that any bride add this stop to their list of wedding dress shops they visit! If not for the great selection of stunning gowns, but for the opportunity to meet and hang out with one of the coolest girls in Newburgh, IN! I was so excited to be able to capture some truly epic moments in Andrea’s family history this summer, including her maternity session and following up with her very first family photos! Andrea’s baby bump was gorgeous and her actual baby is even more beautiful! Add in her adoring husband and their darling Victorian home for snuggles and backdrop, and you pretty much have a recipe for perfection. evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0005evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0006evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0007evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0008evansville-indiana-maternity-photographer-_0009evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0010evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0011evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0012evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0013evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0014evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0015evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0016evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0017evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0018evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0019evansville-indiana-family-newborn-lifestyle-photographer-_0020

Baby Buns are Made for Milk Baths

If you haven’t tried milk bath photography, you totally should! These sessions are perfect for maternity photos, newborns+mommy, infants, or anyone wanting to feel organic and beautiful and sensual!



Addilynn is 6 Months Old!

I just love everything about this little session! I love the classic black and white portraits, the pretty green grass, the scrumptious morning light, the soft hues of skin and cloth, and most of all, the love and joy that was expressed by every person involved! Addilynn is her mommy’s and daddy’s rainbow baby and she certainly brings sunshine and laughter wherever she goes!temecula-family-photography-spring-baby01temecula-family-photography-spring-baby02temecula-family-photography-spring-baby07temecula-family-photography-spring-baby03temecula-family-photography-spring-baby04temecula-family-photography-spring-baby05temecula-family-photography-spring-baby06temecula-family-photography-spring-baby08temecula-family-photography-spring-baby09

Waverly is 1 + A Styled Shoot Featuring Ruby Wraps

When the talented Trisha Judkins of Ruby Blue Inc. contacted me to see if I could photograph her new line of head wraps, I knew the perfect little baby model to use for the first collection of images! Little Miss Waverly was turning one and combining her darling little smile with these adorable head wraps and packaging it all up with a giant bow to commemorate her first year of life was a perfect little picture. Literally. I collected pieces from here and there, borrowing some and making others, to create this spin on an old fashioned laundry line set. And it wouldn’t have been complete without the custom made apron from So Cassi! Take a gander at these two ladies’ boutiques and see more “Insanely cute stuff your husband doesn’t want you to know about.”

Baby Vaughn: 3 Days New

Well, yesterday was my birthday and let’s just say I “survived” it, lol! So I thought I would cheer myself up and start this morning off with sharing a face that just makes me happy! 
My little sister had her first baby, Vaughn Rowen, on December 18th and my family and I were so blessed to have the opportunity to meet him when he was only 3 days old! Vaughn is a little darling and such a sweet boy! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him for newborn photos! 
Audra collected some super cute outfits/props for Vaughn’s debut in front of my camera! I just loved the crocheted turtle outfit. And the zebra hat that our mom made for him is so stinking cute I can’t even stand it! We had a lot of fun playing dress up as Vaughn snoozed away….. and of course we had to get their bulldog, Bologna, in on the action, lol!
Audra is a very talented artist and it shows in the gorgeous nursery she designed for her little boy. I loved her color palette and all of the little details, both functional and decorative! The decor appealed to Audra’s girly side without being too effeminate for a boy and was sweet and whimsical without being childish.  A perfect little nursery if you ask me!She even made a lot of the decorations herself, from re-purposing the armoire and painting the design herself, to making the footstool and cushion! She is pretty amazing!
I love my new nephew so much and I am so grateful that I was able to meet him and photograph him. I hope those memories will be cherished forever and ever! I know that I definitely will!

Claire, 4 Days New

Remember this little cutie? Well I got to snuggle with her about 4 days after her birth and had a wonderful time creating darling little memories for her family to enjoy! She was such a little trooper and stayed asleep for pretty much the entire shoot, which of course made me and her mama happy!
Baby Pink Rose, Pearl, and Feather Birdcage Veil Headband by: Tasha Alicea
Grey Owl Hat by: Angela Munyer

Baby Joshua, Six Days Old

I’m so happy to introduce my dear friend, Trisha’s, new little one, Joshua! It was so amazing to be part of his first few days at home and he was such a little angel for his first ever photo shoot! I don’t think I have ever been able to get a baby to sleep as soundly as this little guy. I hope that bodes well for mom and dad, lol! And don’t you just love the darling little hats and diaper covers made by Angela Munyer of All Things Adorable?! I just love this squishy little baby and I can’t wait to watch him grow!

Baby Kayla

My family has been so blessed this year to welcome two new little ones into it! I have already shared photos of my sister’s baby, Julianna, and now I am excited to share some photos I took this weekend of my sister-in-law’s little one, Kayla Marie!
Kayla is our first niece on my husband’s side of the family and this was the first time we got to meet her. She is such a sweet baby and you can see how much her mommy and daddy adore her! I went over to Kayla’s home to do some lifestyle photos with her and her mom and dad, and I got lucky with some gorgeous natural light streaming from their ceiling to floor windows and was able to do some impromptu “studio” type shots as well.
I had a great time getting to know both my new niece and my sister-in-law better and to bond with them both over all kinds of new mom experiences! This was definitely the best part of my weekend! I know just as well as any mother how quickly this little munchkin will grow up, so I hope these photos of Kayla at 2 months of age will be treasured for a lifetime!
k1k3k2k6k8k4k5k7k9k10k11A special thank you to KdBuggie Boutique and Designs for the sweet little headbands!

Baby Julianna

I’m so excited to share some photos of my newest niece, Julianna Paige! She is such a darling little thing and she reminds me so much of my own daughter when she was born. I’m so grateful Julianna was delivered safely and that both she and my dear sister are healthy and happy.
I had the opportunity to fly to Albany, New York to help my sister out for a few weeks after Julianna’s birth. It was such a wonderful experience being able to serve her family and get to know my sister’s other 4 children even better. They are such great kids and I feel so blessed to have been given this time to spend with them!
While in New York, I was able to rent the studio of another photographer, Jessica Washburn, who is an AMAZING newborn and family photographer. She happens to be friends with my sister so it was a special treat for me to be able to watch Jessica work as she took a few of her own pictures before handing over the reigns of her studio to me. Seriously, I had such a blast playing with all of her gorgeous props and gear!
Although I don’t think my work in newborn photography will ever compare to Jessica’s, it was a real treat walking in her shoes for the afternoon. And with a subject as beautiful and precious as Julianna, I couldn’t go wrong!
t1t2t3t5t7t6 t4t9
t13t14 And check out the birth announcement I designed for Julianna! I love this little one so much! birthannounfrontlavendarwebbirthannounbacklavendarweb

Owl Hat by Angela Munyer

The Lamb and the Lion

Braiker is an angel! His surname suits him perfectly because he is as sweet as a little lamb! I LOVED the hat that his mommy and daddy picked out for him to wear for his mini shoot and I especially LOVE the photo where he is roaring like a lion. So cute!
So Hilary says that she made a quilt for Braiker when he was born. It was her first attempt at sewing anything, no big deal, but it had sentimental value so she wanted a few pictures of Braiker with it. Are you kidding me?! As if mama Hilary wasn’t amazing enough, she taught herself how to use a sewing machine and made the quilt in these pictures on her first try…of ever sewing anything! Sheez! Incredible!

The Lambs

Remember this stunning couple? Well, I’m proud to report that their awesomeness has not faded in the last year. In fact, it’s actually MULTIPLIED! Yes, my sweet and lovely and ever so gorgeous friends had a baby! I pretty much wanted to punch Hilary in the face when I saw how beautiful she still is (even more beautiful now, actually) after giving birth…and her little one is only 3 MONTHS OLD! Yea, I know you want to punch her in the face too. Ha, ha! Just kidding! (kinda…) (Okay, so maybe I don’t literally want to hit her, but I’m definitely waaaaaayyyy jealous because my baby is almost 1 and I still have some extra baggage hanging on my waistline. Seriously. Hanging. It’s gross. Anyway…..)
Hilary and Jeff are probably some of my favorite people to photograph because they are so photogenic. I say “Okay, sit here and look at my camera,” and this is what I get. Seriously?!
All joking aside, The Lambs are amazing. Such generous and thoughtful people and I’m so grateful to call them friends. Family is more like it! It’s been such a wonderful journey to watch each other grow up from young punk college kids into real adults with real families! And I’m so flattered that Hilary, who is a very talented artist herself, has so much faith in me and my abilities as a photographer that she dragged her little family all the way from Arizona to California so that I could photograph her first official family portrait! I truly hope it was worth it! Thanks for all of your love and support! And congratulations again on the birth of your perfect little baby!
I couldn’t decide which silhouette photo I liked best so I included them both 🙂
Stay tuned for Briaker’s little photo sesh coming soon!
Click HERE to view the Lamb’s entire collection.

Sweet Baby Abigayle

I’m so honored to have been chosen by Kristen to photograph her sweet newborn, Abigayle. This baby was such good girl, only pooping on us once during her entire session!!! (Don’t worry, though, she made it count!) But really, Abigayle was a doll. She slept, hardly cried, and was a perfect little cherub. And such a chunk! Her mommy makes good milk, ha, ha! Congratulations to Kristen and her family.
We wanted two looks for Abigayle’s newborn collection. The first set is light and girly. The second more classic, moody, and black and white. I love both sides!

Chasing Time

My little one is already 5 months old!!! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by! Of course, I just had to snap some portraits of him to document his development! And to document mine, as well! I am delving into the world of off-camera lighting and this was my first attempt. Turned out pretty good, I think….
I couldn’t decide if I liked this photo in color or black and white better, so I posted both. Don’t you just want to pinch his cute little butt?!

And here are a couple of my crazy daughter! Obviously these were just for practice…otherwise I definitely would have run a comb through her hair 🙂 Love her just the same though, haha!!!


A Little Bit of Sophia

Norma helped me out so much when she volunteered her little beauty, Sophia, as a baby model for a project I am working on! As a thank you, I took a few extra pictures of her sweet bundle of joy. These are my favorites of baby Sophia:
This next photo was a special request from Norma. She saw these photos of my little guy and just had to have one of her Sophia too!
I will continue to need newborn baby models throughout the upcoming months, so if you or someone you know is pregnant and about to deliver or has delivered a newborn recently, please contact me! I’m happy to offer a few complimentary photos from the session as gifts!


My little one is 4 months old! What an angel! His mommy loves him dearly!

Tiny Toes, Crazy Hair, and Leather

I will be the first to admit that I am not an artistic person. When taking a photograph, I constantly have to remind myself to implement the “rules” of art (rule of thirds, leading lines, texture etc.) because I am just not naturally inclined to do so. I want to put my subject smack dab in the middle of my photograph. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.
I have lots of opportunities to make pictures even when I’m not shooting for a client and it’s during these moments that I try to brush up on my photography skills. I practice nailing my exposure, shooting from different angles and unique perspectives, playing with depth of field, and most of all (and most important of all) seeing my subject.
I’m not always successful. It’s through failure that I learn the most, however. The knowledge and skill that I have has been achieved on something of a journey and I am so far from the end of the path that photography will take me on. This will be a life long course. And that is what I love about my “job.”
The best perk of all is that I get to practice what I have learned and experiment on my family. They probably don’t consider that a perk, but as a mother and wife first and foremost, it is both my job and my pleasure to document every aspect of my family’s life. When other parents have to worry about getting their kids dressed, fed, and happy for a photographer to take their portraits, I get to have those portraits taken on my own time, in the comfort of my own home, and during the most honest moments of our life. It’s definitely not always easy; my family usually runs the opposite direction when they see me coming with a camera. But when I capture pictures that become little glimpses into our reality, that is something that is absolutely priceless. As ratty as my kids may look, these are images that I will treasure for a lifetime.
Here we are: A mother and her two children on a lazy summer afternoon…nothing to do and no one to see. Lounging on the sofas. Sleeping. Playing. Making memories and turning them into art. I think my practice is well worth the reward.

The Most Important Client of All…

…Is myself! I am a proud mama for the second time and I had so much fun chronicling the first few days of my new baby’s life. He is sweet, adorable, mellow, and gorgeous! What can I say? I’m in love! Here he is: Zachary James Ruffner

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