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Hazel is 2: Evansville Children’s Photographer

This little peanut turned 2 this summer and this styled shoot was absolutely perfect for her! Every day Hazel wakes up asking to wear a “mincess dress” (princess dress), a necklace, lip gloss, and perfume. Nothing less than feminine luxury would represent her personality! What an absolute joy she is!

The Knight Family

I met JoElle through an online networking group and my life has never been the same! This powerhouse and mover and shaker has taken me on a wild ride over the last year and it has been amazing! Somewhere in her crazy schedule of running JoElle Elise Design and Engaged! River Valley Magazine, we were able to take some time out just for her and her adorable family for a beautiful family portrait session. I’m so glad we did because little ones don’t stay little for long so documenting those sweet faces is everything!