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Hazel is 2: Evansville Children’s Photographer

This little peanut turned 2 this summer and this styled shoot was absolutely perfect for her! Every day Hazel wakes up asking to wear a “mincess dress” (princess dress), a necklace, lip gloss, and perfume. Nothing less than feminine luxury would represent her personality! What an absolute joy she is!

The Knight Family

I met JoElle through an online networking group and my life has never been the same! This powerhouse and mover and shaker has taken me on a wild ride over the last year and it has been amazing! Somewhere in her crazy schedule of running JoElle Elise Design and Engaged! River Valley Magazine, we were able to take some time out just for her and her adorable family for a beautiful family portrait session. I’m so glad we did because little ones don’t stay little for long so documenting those sweet faces is everything!


Jayde is One! The Cutest Cake Smash of All Time!

I adore 1 year old cake smash sessions because they are just so dang CUTE! My heart was not prepared for the cuteness overload when two of Jayde’s best friends photo bombed to help her scarf down her cake. And she couldn’t have been happier about it!

They Grow So Fast…

It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing home this tiny, 6lbs 12oz baby girl. I remember being terrified and exhausted and in awe all at the same time. I had created this little life. She was mine, ours, and I loved her more fiercely than I ever knew I could love anyone or anything. And here she is, half-way to being an adult herself. Where does the time go? It’s an interesting feeling, being sad and joyful all at once.

Baby Buns are Made for Milk Baths

If you haven’t tried milk bath photography, you totally should! These sessions are perfect for maternity photos, newborns+mommy, infants, or anyone wanting to feel organic and beautiful and sensual!



Girls and Horses: Southern Indiana Equestrian Portrait Photographer

These two little girls are best friends, their mommies are best friends, and all share a love for horses. What a special treat to capture the reunion of these long lost friends (because the blonde kiddo is mine and we moved away not too long ago) under the nose of a beloved equine. Nothing makes my heart happier than combining all of my favorite things together – family, friends, photography, and horses!


The Stanfill Family; Newburgh, Indiana Family Photographer

My favorite thing about this family session is how much fun, personality, and LOVE was captured in these images! I’m not gonna lie, these kiddos gave me a run for my money! But I am not one bit sad about it because of how amazing the photos turned out because of it! Add to it the fact that every. single. face. in this collection is gorgeous as well as the AMAZING location – the kind I have dreamed of shooting in my whole life – and the shoot was just bound to be a success! evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh01evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh02evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh03evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh04evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh05evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh06evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh07evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh08evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh09evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh10evansville-indiana-family-photographer-newburgh11

The Lockhart Family: San Diego Beach Family Photography

Every time I get to work with this family, it’s always such a pleasure! This year was made even more special because we got to do a casual session at Scripp’s Pier in La Jolla! I’m pretty sure all 7 kids had a blast running around and playing in the sand and water! This shoot captures all the love this family has for each other and I’m one lucky girl to be able to be a part of helping them to remember that! san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0001san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0002san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0003san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0004san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0005san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0006san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0007san-diego-beach-family-photography-la-jolla-scripps-pier0008

Families are Forever!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Jackson Family in honor of their family being sealed for time and all eternity in the Redlands LDS Temple. The ceremony was beautiful and I think their family portrait collection emulates how much love, laughter, and fun (aka chaos) they enjoy together! temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple01temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple02temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple03temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple04temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple05temecula-family-photography-redland-lds-temple06

Addilynn is 6 Months Old!

I just love everything about this little session! I love the classic black and white portraits, the pretty green grass, the scrumptious morning light, the soft hues of skin and cloth, and most of all, the love and joy that was expressed by every person involved! Addilynn is her mommy’s and daddy’s rainbow baby and she certainly brings sunshine and laughter wherever she goes!temecula-family-photography-spring-baby01temecula-family-photography-spring-baby02temecula-family-photography-spring-baby07temecula-family-photography-spring-baby03temecula-family-photography-spring-baby04temecula-family-photography-spring-baby05temecula-family-photography-spring-baby06temecula-family-photography-spring-baby08temecula-family-photography-spring-baby09

My Baby’s in Pre-K!!!

Who’s going to preschool?! This guy! I cannot believe that my baby is in school already! Where have the last 4 years gone?! Zachary is such a sweetheart and I will definitely miss him hanging around the house in the mornings. But I’m also really excited for him and how much he is going to learn and grow! He is going to have a really great year! Of course I had to take the first-day-of-school pictures, but Zac made it so much fun with his 100% all-boy personality!

La Jolla Family Beach Shoot

My little sis came for a visit so of course we had to commemorate by doing a family session at the beach! Her little guy is such a cutie and I just loved his naked buns in all their glory! Such a great way to spend time with family and to make some unforgettable memories! And did I mention that he SLEPT during most of our session?! I guess traveling + touching sand for the first time wore him out!San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0001San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0002San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0003San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0004San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0005San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0006San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0007San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0008San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0009San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0010San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0011San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0012San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0013San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0014San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0015San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0016San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0017San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0018San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0019San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0020San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0021San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0022San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0023San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0024San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0025San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0028San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0029San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0030San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0031San_Diego_Beach_Family_Photographer0032

Summer Shoot in Big Bear with MY Babies!!!

It’s been way too long since I took the opportunity to photograph my own children and what better time of year than summer?! A few months ago some friends of mine showed me a little spot up in Big Bear that was just PERFECT for a little portrait session for my kids. I wanted the collection to feel organic with sunkissed skin, dirty hands, feet, and faces, messy hair, and an all around feeling of what it is like to be a kid during summertime! Regardless of whether or not this goal was accomplished, I will treasure these moments forever, simply because my babies were healthy, happy, and having fun!

Big Bear Family Photography: The Hansen Boys

I was very lucky this weekend to be able to spend some time with some of my favorite people up in Big Bear, splashing in streams and drinking in the warm sunshine! Here are a few of my favorite images of a quick mini session I did for the Hansens. I seriously love these kiddos!

Harveston Lake Family Photography: The Lockharts

This is the third year in a row that I have had the honor of documenting all of the adorable faces and massive amounts of love held within this family. We went to Harveston Lake in Temecula to take advantage of all of the beautiful, summery greenery the location provided and I’m just thrilled with how everything turned out! I can’t wait to photograph the Lockharts again next year after they bring home baby number 7!

Waverly is 1 + A Styled Shoot Featuring Ruby Wraps

When the talented Trisha Judkins of Ruby Blue Inc. contacted me to see if I could photograph her new line of head wraps, I knew the perfect little baby model to use for the first collection of images! Little Miss Waverly was turning one and combining her darling little smile with these adorable head wraps and packaging it all up with a giant bow to commemorate her first year of life was a perfect little picture. Literally. I collected pieces from here and there, borrowing some and making others, to create this spin on an old fashioned laundry line set. And it wouldn’t have been complete without the custom made apron from So Cassi! Take a gander at these two ladies’ boutiques and see more “Insanely cute stuff your husband doesn’t want you to know about.”

Brynna is 8!

While on my Christmas vacation I had the opportunity to visit my sister Tera’s family in Colorado and witness her daughter’s baptism! And of course this special occasion called for a photo shoot!(Imagine me snapping my fingers and waggling my head back and forth as I say that! HAHAHA!) 
This was my first time shooting in the snow and it was so great! There was so much light and I loved how different everything looked compared to my norm! (I have to give a shout out to Corey Fox for the words of advice that he so graciously bestowed upon me when I asked him for pointers on shooting in the snow! He’s an INCREDIBLE wedding photographer located in the Lake Tahoe area and you should check him out!!!) 
Anyway, my niece Brynna was such a trooper! She braved the single digit temps in nothing but her baptism dress, snuggling up in her coat and sipping hot chocolate between shots, and worked it like a pro! She is so beautiful and her little personality just shines through these photos!
I love you, Brynna, and we are all so proud of the young woman you’re becoming and for your wonderful decision to be baptized! You’re a great example to my kids and such an awesome cousin! XOXOXOXO!