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Hayley and Cole are Engaged! Newburgh, IN Engagement Photographer

Hayley and Cole are one of my favorite couples that I get to work with this year! They are down to earth, quick to laugh, and head over heals in love with each other! These two star-crossed lovers are excited to begin their life together after fostering their relationship long distance for quite some time while Hayley finishes school in Virginia/Washington, D.C. and Cole pursues his career in Texas. Love, laughter, dreamy, ethereal light, and an epic romance are the foundation for their Downtown Newburgh engagement session and let me tell you, these images do not disappoint! If their engagement session is a good idea of how their wedding is going to be, I CANNOT wait for their big day!

Ashley and Dylan are Engaged!

I had such a great time getting to know Ashley and Dylan at their engagement session, photographed at the beautiful Rolling Hills Country Club in Newburgh, Indiana. They are such a sweet couple and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding coming up in March! These beautiful people are BOTH United States Marines and it was a privilege to document their love. evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-001evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-002evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-003evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-004evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-005evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-006evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-007evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-008evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-009evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-010evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-011evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-united-states-marines-rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-012

Jenna and Tyler are Engaged!

Jenna and Tyler are absolute dolls! I’m so excited to photograph their wedding coming up in May 2016! I’m sure these High School sweethearts are more than excited to finally become one and begin their life together as Mr. and Mrs. Ritzert!


Kayla and Mitch are Gettin’ Hitched

I don’t think I could’ve come up with a cornier post title, lol! Kayla and Mitch’s personalities are every bit as adorable as they are. And the two of them together? Perfection! I met up with these two in Southern California to document their love as they prepare for their wedding! We had so much fun getting blown around in the wind, snuggling, and creating some truly memorable imagery.



Devon and Jason are Engaged!

Devon and Jason are tying the knot and I am so honored to be there to photograph it all! I met up with this adorable couple at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA, where Devon has always dreamed of having her engagement photos taken at. I loved everything about the time I spent with these two. Plus, those shoes! Any Star Wars fan out there will fall in love!evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0035evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0036evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0037evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0038evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0039evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0040evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0041evansville-indiana-engagement-photographer-_0042

Cheryl and Parker Are Getting Married!

I love how this engagement session turned out! I love all of the soft, dreamy colors and how playful and sweet this couple is! Cheryl, Parker, and I had a blast shooting at the San Clemente Pier in California and I think their wedding coming up in July will be every bit as amazing! evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-1evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-5evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-6evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-7evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-8evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-12evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-13evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-15evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-18evansville-indiana-engagement-photography-19

A Country Western Engagement: Horses, Boots, and Cowboys!

I loved every moment I spent with Jenny and Monte and their beautiful old friend, Bucky! This was my first time working a horse into an engagement session and I am completely addicted! I love horses myself and including one in a photo session has been on my photography bucket list for a very long time! I hope I get a lot more requests for equine/engagement photography! Jenny and Monte are every bit as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and I cannot wait to photograph their ranch wedding this coming October at Buffalo Meadows Ranch in Redlands!


Soft and Romantic: Minna and Keegan are Engaged!

I’m especially in love with this engagement session because the images reflect my personal style. I love how soft, romantic, and ethereal the images are! Minna and Keegan are such a gorgeous couple and their love for one another completely shone through in every move they made! I also adore the location! I just love shooting in lush, green foliage with warm, soft light. Sigh. This was definitely a drop-the-mic-and-walk-off-stage session for me! I can’t wait to work with this lovely couple again in June at their wedding!


Temecula Engagement Photography: Kristen and Steven are Gettin’ Hitched!

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again! I really do have the best clients! Kristen and Steven are a powerhouse couple and were so fun to photograph! Both are naturals in front of the camera and both were so willing to let me in to document their fun-loving and love-filled relationship. From orange groves to silos, this engagement session has it all with a big dose of romance and laughs to top it off! I can’t wait to see what they have planned for their wedding in May!


Brittany and Dylan are Engaged!

Brittany and Dylan are a STUNNING couple and made my job very easy! Put these pretty people in a gorgeous location like Glen Arbor Park in Murrieta and you have a recipe for magical images! I’m so excited to photograph their wedding this April at the Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook! temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta01temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta02temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta03temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta04temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta05temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta06temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta07temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta08temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta09temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta10temecula-engagement-photography-glen-arbor-park-murrieta11

Balboa Park Engagement Session: Tim and Leanne

The holidays are over and insanity has subsided! I’m back to blogging and I’m really looking forward to wedding season 2015! Tim and Leanne’s wedding is coming up this October and I can’t wait to see what they have in store at the amazing Enchanted Forest in Fallbrook! But first, we giggled and snuggled our way through Balboa Park for their sweet and sassy engagement session! temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_1-2temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_1temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_2-2temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_5-2temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_5temecula_engagement_photography_balboa_park_san_diego_weddings_7

Nathan and Emily Are Engaged: A Sweet Affair

Nathan and Emily are such a SWEET couple! (Ha, ha, see what I did there!?!?!) So shooting their engagement photos at candy and cupcake shops at the Irvine Spectrum was just about perfect! I loved all of the new scenery the Spectrum offered and some of my all time favorite engagement photos are featured below!
Emily is another one of my high school seniors who is all grown up and getting married! I can’t believe how quickly time flies and what a gorgeous, smart, and talented young woman she has become. My heart skips a beat when I think about how happy I am for her and all of the wonderful things her future holds and how thrilled I am that she has found her perfect someone to share that with!
Hugs and kisses to Emily and Nathan! I am so honored to have been able to make these memories with them and I can’t wait to be there to create even more on their wedding day!

Jill + Jesse

I have known Jill for a few years now and can’t say anything but nice things about her! She is so much fun to be around, a great teacher, and an AMAZING photographer! I’m always flattered every time she asks me to photograph her and her family. It’s been a couple years since she’s been able to push her husband to participate in a photo session and I’m so thrilled that I was able to do their family photos for them once again. 
Jill and Jesse wanted their family session to really reflect their personalities and where they come from so shooting at their home and in their neighborhood was the perfect choice. Every time I would ask if they minded that there was a street sign or car, etc. in the background they simple replied that it showcased the “flavor of the neighborhood.” It was so refreshing to have a client who embraced every part of their shoot and location because it was theirs and is a part of their lifestyle. And I loved their sweet little fur babies who made cameos in some of their shots.  
All in all I think we all had a wonderful time and I was able to get some photos that I am really proud of and that I hope Jill and Jesse will love forever and ever!

Laura + Manny

I absolutely LOVED how Laura and Manny wanted their engagement session to showcase their bubbly, fun-loving personalities and what they love to do together most; RUN! This cute couple actually ENJOYS running (something I certainly don’t understand, lol!) and they were really excited to participate in Disneyland’s Dumbo Double Dare just a few weeks before we shot their session. They each received medals to commemorate their accomplishment so we had to make sure to include those for some extra bling in their engagement photo collection. After we frolicked in the foliage, we headed south to Old Town Temecula to round out their collection with some romantic shots downtown. I’m so please with the way their session turned out and I truly hope they cherish these memories forever! And a special thanks to Cortnie Bigelow for her wardrobe styling!

John and Melissa: The Engagements

This engagement photo shoot was so much fun because this couple was so much fun! John and Melissa are cute as a button and were so open with their love for one another and their zest for life! I’m pretty sure I told them they were cute a bazillion times while I was photographing them, haha! I’m so excited to share their photos as well because, believe it or not, this was my first time shooting in Old Town Temecula! We had a great time stopping here and there for pictures. Oh, and their little puppy, Bentley, had to make an appearance of course, because John actually proposed to Melissa with the ring around Bentley’s collar. So cute! See, there I go again! Sheesh! I can’t wait to photograph John and Melissa’s wedding this spring!

Zack and Alex: Engagements

The best feeling in the world is when previous clients choose me to do their portraits AGAIN! And to have two separate clients from two separate occassions, Zack and Alex, come together for their engagement pictures, THAT is a double whammy! I’m so excited to shoot their amazing wedding this November at none other than the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook! I can’t wait!

Andrew and Tayler: The Engagement

This engagement session was exceptionally exciting because, although the wedding date and tons of other arrangements had been made, Andrew hadn’t actually proposed to Tayler yet! Andrew ordered a custom made ring and was waiting for it to come in before getting his knees dirty. Unbeknownst to Tayler, the ring came in just in time for their engagement session and Andrew and I conspired so that I could shoot his actual proposal! So fun! I’m super excited to photograph their wedding coming up on October 5th! t1t3t2t4t5t6t12t10t8t9t7t11t13t14t15t17t16t19t18
Click HERE to view Andrew’s and Tayler’s entire Engagement Collection. 
A special thanks goes out to my amazing wardrobe stylist extraordinaire, Cortnie Bigelow, for all of her hard work and genius!