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Autumn Wedding Inspiration Shoot at The Bauerhaus

While it seems the whole world has left Fall behind and moved on to Christmas, I’m still over hear with heart eyes for this gorgeous styled autumn wedding inspiration shoot that I organized with some of Evansville’s finest wedding vendors. Every time I have sat down to look at these photos I’m filled with all of the warmth and wonder that Autumn brings with it. All of the incredible artistry and details that went into this shoot completely blew me away, from the hand illustrated stationary and signs, to the fresh, locally grown and expertly arranged florals, to the incredible fireplace mantle and decor. Not to mention the mouth watering, 5 star quality entrees and desserts and gorgeous wardrobes. I’m pretty sure that after seeing this collection of images, every bride is going to want an Autumn wedding!evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0001evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0002evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0003evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0004evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0005evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0006evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0007evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0008evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0009evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0010evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0011evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0012evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0013evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0014evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0015evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0016evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0017evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0018evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0019evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0020evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0021evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0022evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0023evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0024evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0025evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0026evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0027evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0028evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0029evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0030evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0031evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0032evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0033evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0034evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0035evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0036evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0037evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0038evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0039evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0040evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0041evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0042evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0043

Vendor Credits:

Venue: The Bauerhaus Instagram: @thebauerhaus

Event Design, Decorations, Decorative Furniture: OBJ Design Instagram: @obj_design

Flowers: Creative Touches Instagram: @creativetouchesevv

Wedding Dress Boutique and Jewelry: House of White Instagram: @houseofwhitebridal

Hair Stylist: Carrie Hood Instagram: @carrieulm

Makeup Artist: Maria Coleman Instagram: @competitionartistryandmakeup

Menswear: Larry Harris at Dillard’s Eastland Mall Instagram: @dillards

Invitations, Stationary, and Signs: 5 Pink Peonies Instagram: @5pinkpeonies

Catering: The Bauerhaus Catering Instagram: @thebauerhaus

Cake and Desserts: The Bauerhaus Bakery Instagram: @thebauerhaus


Roberta Ling Instagram: @nothing_good_

Lyndsey Boling Instagram: @_lyndseyjo_

Tony Wilson Instagram: @tony.wilson_

Eric Wedding Instagram: @eric_wedding


Emily’s Heirloom High Tea Bridal Shower

Emily’s blush pink bridal shower held a the private residence of a family friend is perfectly elegant and features true vintage and antique details, many of which are family heirlooms. The decor for the shower was inspired by Emily’s great grandmother’s bone china and the idea of creating a modern interpretation of High Tea.

As Emily’s guests entered the home, they were greeted with a “wishing tree” adorned with tiny bird cages and dripping crystals. The guest were asked to write their wishes for the Bride on little tags and hang them from the branches of the tree.

Emily’s guests were then invited to enjoy delicious refreshments including Green Apple, Fig, and Brie Crostini, gourmet crackers and specialty cheeses like Honey and Sea Salt Gruyere and Shaved Chocolate Cheddar, and home made creamy soups and delicate salads.

The guests dined at tables set with unique place settings featuring Emily’s Great Grandmother’s bone china, antique sterling silver flatware, and pink Depression Glass soup bowls, all of which are family heirlooms interspersed with other pieces collected from various boutiques or found on Ebay. The place settings also included cupcakes made by Emily’s mother and friend nestled in teacups, and vintage handkerchiefs with a love note on Emily’s behalf. The centerpieces included fresh Cherry Blossom branches and everything sat upon blush pink lace table linens and strands of pearls.

The most heart warming details included a vignette which featured Emily’s Great Grandmother’s wedding dress, gloves, and guest sign-in booklet from 1928. It also included a vintage pink apron from 1930, a gift from a family friend to Emily.

The climax of all of the details from Emily’s shower was the gorgeous dessert table! The yummy desserts included a chocolate cake and vanilla french macarons with a caramel Swiss meringue filling, both made by Emily’s mother and friend, artisan sugar cookies decorated by the amazingly talented Sweet-T-Cakes, Fleur de Sil Sea Salt and Caramel chocolates, lemon pound cake dessert cups with fresh berries and home made whipped cream, an assortment of mini cheesecakes, chocolate and coconut macaroons (using a guarded family recipe), and vanilla bean pot de creme. All of these delicacies were displayed on a table that was crowned with a stunning antique headboard and foot-board, rented from Urban Barn.

The most touching moment of the day was when Emily was presented with her somethings old, new, borrowed, and blue. For her something old, Emily’s mother gave her an antique cameo pendant dating back to the late 1800’s which fell right in with all of the other heirloom pieces that were used for the shower. Emily was given her “Bridal Trousseau” by her mother-in-law as her something new, a diamond tennis bracelet from a family friend as her something borrowed (making her the 4th bride to wear the bracelet), and a vintage handkerchief with a sweet message from her grandmother as her something blue.

Emily’s shower had it all! It was definitely an event not to miss! Here are a few words from Emily about her special day:

“My bridal shower was an amazing and strange experience all in one. Normally, my mom and I put on these kind of events together, so when I was told that the shower would be a surprise and I wasn’t allowed to help, I felt totally out of my element.
Those feelings aside, when I walked into my shower, I think my jaw dropped to the floor. Everything was beautifully and perfectly executed. The vintage tea party theme made for a bridal shower fit for the Queen herself. With touches of items from my great-grandmother’s wedding, I felt as though I had left reality and had stepped into a dream come true. I absolutely loved all of the vintage dishes used at each place setting and the genuinely vintage handkerchiefs each guest got to take home with them.
Being surrounded by the company of women I have known throughout my life, it was so nice to be able to sit and visit, relax, eat and enjoy delicious food with a variety desserts that were even better (French macarons? YUM!).
My bridal shower is the most beautiful event I have attended to date (until my wedding comes, that it) and I am so grateful for my mother and her best friend for planning and throwing it, my amazingly talented friend/photographer for capturing such a special event, as well as all of my friends and family who took the time to come and celebrate an important time in my life!!!”