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Autumn Wedding Inspiration Shoot at The Bauerhaus

While it seems the whole world has left Fall behind and moved on to Christmas, I’m still over hear with heart eyes for this gorgeous styled autumn wedding inspiration shoot that I organized with some of Evansville’s finest wedding vendors. Every time I have sat down to look at these photos I’m filled with all of the warmth and wonder that Autumn brings with it. All of the incredible artistry and details that went into this shoot completely blew me away, from the hand illustrated stationary and signs, to the fresh, locally grown and expertly arranged florals, to the incredible fireplace mantle and decor. Not to mention the mouth watering, 5 star quality entrees and desserts and gorgeous wardrobes. I’m pretty sure that after seeing this collection of images, every bride is going to want an Autumn wedding!evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0001evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0002evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0003evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0004evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0005evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0006evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0007evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0008evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0009evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0010evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0011evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0012evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0013evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0014evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0015evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0016evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0017evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0018evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0019evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0020evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0021evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0022evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0023evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0024evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0025evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0026evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0027evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0028evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0029evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0030evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0031evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0032evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0033evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0034evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0035evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0036evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0037evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0038evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0039evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0040evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0041evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0042evansville-indiana-wedding-photographer-bauerhaus-fall-inspiration-styled-shoot-_0043

Vendor Credits:

Venue: The Bauerhaus Instagram: @thebauerhaus

Event Design, Decorations, Decorative Furniture: OBJ Design Instagram: @obj_design

Flowers: Creative Touches Instagram: @creativetouchesevv

Wedding Dress Boutique and Jewelry: House of White Instagram: @houseofwhitebridal

Hair Stylist: Carrie Hood Instagram: @carrieulm

Makeup Artist: Maria Coleman Instagram: @competitionartistryandmakeup

Menswear: Larry Harris at Dillard’s Eastland Mall Instagram: @dillards

Invitations, Stationary, and Signs: 5 Pink Peonies Instagram: @5pinkpeonies

Catering: The Bauerhaus Catering Instagram: @thebauerhaus

Cake and Desserts: The Bauerhaus Bakery Instagram: @thebauerhaus


Roberta Ling Instagram: @nothing_good_

Lyndsey Boling Instagram: @_lyndseyjo_

Tony Wilson Instagram: @tony.wilson_

Eric Wedding Instagram: @eric_wedding


Engaged! River Valley Magazine

Excitement, humility, hope….these are just a few of the emotions that have filled me over the last few months as I have been busy networking and collaborating with local artisan vendors to create some truly beautiful imagery that will help to elevate Evansville’s already bustling wedding market. Seeing the fruits of my labors in print form is the ultimate reward. I am so honored and blessed to have been included in the flagship issue of the new Engaged! River Valley magazine. I not only was asked to shoot for the magazine on two separate articles, but a beautiful styled shoot I helped organize this summer was given a 4 page spread plus the COVER of the magazine! I have several other photos sprinkled throughout the publication as well. I have no words to describe this warm, fuzzy feeling in my soul. I have LOTS and LOTS of copies to share with anyone who would like one, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you do! Thank you JoElle Knight and Nikki Davis for finding value in my work and for the beautiful friendship and support you have given me! I look forward to a long, loving, and fruitful relationship with you both, personally and professionally! Don’t forget to check out Engaged! River Valley online as well!





I’m so very excited to share with you some news! I just received my personal copy of a book titled “The Inspired Wedding” by Emma Arendoski, editor of the popular wedding blog Emmaline Bride…..which features some of my photos from Bobbi’s and Bryce’s wedding! I cannot even begin to describe the feeling I got when I opened up this gorgeous hard-bound 288 page book and saw my work inside! I’m so thrilled that many of my favorite vendors were also highlighted in this book including Cortnie Bigelow, Leesa Booker, and Miss Ruby Sue! Congratulations all around, ladies! And if you would like to purchase your own copy of Emma’s book, go to:


Featured on

I’m super excited to share another feature on! I’m so proud of all of the people involved in these events and I’m so happy that all of their hard work has been recognized! Make sure to check out the full post on my blog HERE and HERE, as well as the features on Babylifestyles!!!!  and

Featured on Baby Lifestyles and UCSD’s Blog!!!

Feeling shocked was an understatement when Lauren Halpernin of Baby Lifestyles contacted me about featuring Trisha’s baby shower on her website. Never in a million years would I have thought that me of all people, the most un-crafty person on the planet, would be recognized for her efforts in decorating! Needless to say I’m over the moon excited about this feature because it not only showcased my photography, but also showcased all of the hard work that me and a group of other amazingly talented ladies put into making Trisha’s baby shower a success.  And to add a cherry on top, UCSD, where I formally took classes for photography through their extension program, picked up the feature and put it on their blog too! What started out as a really rough day has just become a little bit nicer 🙂

Beautiful Ballerina Birthday + 3 features!

I think Megan’s 5th birthday party was probably the cutest little girl’s party I have ever been to! And I think the editors at Kara’s Party Ideas, Party Inspirations (from Sydney, Australia!!!), and Baby Lifestyles agree! All three amazing websites featured Megan’s party! I’m super excited for Leesa from Cakes and Mudpies because all of her hard work paid off and I’m of course thrilled for the feature as well! Enjoy my official full post of this darling petite fete! And make sure to check out Leesa’s blog for tutorials on how she crafted everything.

Featured on Ansley Event Design

I’m super excited to share another publication of my work on Ansley Event Design! Sarah Ansley is an uber-talented event coordinator and stylist. Her focus is always on the happiness of her client and coming up with the most creative, beautiful, and unique ideas for any event ranging from corporate to wedding.  Ansley Event Design is based out of Denver Colorado and is an international event planner,  boasting events from Maui to Aruba. Check out her website and make sure to leave a comment!

A few more….

I have been so busy over the last few months that I haven’t been able to share these publications! I’m so grateful that these amazing bloggers liked my work enough to feature it! Check out the features and comment away!