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Elder Kitterman is Home

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, Elder Zack Kitterman is home from the mission he served in Mexico for two years for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! His adoring mother hired me to take photos of his homecoming at the Ontario Airport and it was seriously an amazing experience for everyone involved. It was so awesome that Zack and his family were able to focus on each other and their important reunion while I snapped away, documenting their candid reactions. We sneaked in a few group shots and some portraits of poor Zack too, who had no idea he would be getting off a million hour flight just to have a camera shoved in his face! But he was a great sport and his family and friends were seriously so genuinely thrilled and over excited that it was hard for it not to rub off on everyone around. I’m pretty sure the people at the airport thought this group was a bunch of lunatics, although I kept hearing from people passing by that they wished they had an entourage as excited to see them when they arrived as this group was. Welcome home, Elder Kitterman! You are one loved person!