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Little Heart Warriors

 Last year I was asked to donate my service for a charity 10k event called Ethan’s Run. I enjoyed every minute of my experience and I was thrilled when I was asked back again this year to cover what was once called Ethan’s Run and is now the Little Heart Warriors 5k run. It’s always so amazing to me how people of all different ages, sizes, colors, and genders can come together in the wee hours of the morning and run with such contagious joy emanating from them. I loved all of the happy, smiling faces I got to take pictures of in the name of a very worthy cause; raising money for children with CHD. I hope to be invited back next year, and for many, many years to come!!! Make sure to click on this link to check out all of the photos from the Little Heart Warriors run. All proceeds from the print sales will be donated!