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I Heart Baby Bumps!

I LOOOOOVE maternity shoots! I think it’s because I remember how special being pregnant is. Don’t get me wrong, I have no plans of adding to my family again any time soon…and I certainly don’t miss the days of morning (or all day) sickness, stretch marks, aches and pains, no sleeping on my stomach, no eating sushi or taking Advil, no bending over, or not being able to breathe! But being pregnant is a very special and important period in a woman’s life, a whole family’s life really, which is why I always invite the entire family when someone contacts me for a maternity session. Mix my nostalgic feelings with having three types of shoots rolled into one (maternity, family, and couple), and that in a nutshell puts me on cloud nine!
This maternity session was extra special because it was for my dear friend, Amberlyn. She brought along a couple of fun props and an extra helping of willingness to allow me to experiment on her and her family, which is always a HUGE bonus for me! I hate feeling like I’m in a rut, so I love it when clients are willing to allow me to try some new things, even at the risk of it failing. 
Amberlyn is such a beautiful mother of two – soon to be three – boys. She is so patient with her kids and is definitely someone whom I try to emulate when it comes to that aspect of parenting!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and examples of great mothers in my life! I’m super excited to meet her new addition around Christmas of this year!!!
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