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evansville wedding photography of flower girl in white dress with horse



It’s D-Day!

Meaning “drawing day!” and I’m so pleased to announce who won the drawing for a free photo session including 10 of your favorite images from the shoot on a CD! And the winner is…….(drum roll, please)……….
Tiffany Anglesey!
Congratulations! I’m so excited to photograph you and/or your family! Email me so we can go over the details!
And that’s not all! I was feeling extra generous this morning (maybe because I went to bed early last night, was only woken up once by my baby to nurse, and both kids slept in this morning. I think that would put anyone in a great mood!!!) so, after Anslie drew the winner from my husband’s pirate hat (his halloween cosutme…he doesn’t run around dressed like a pirate on a daily basis) I had her draw two more names.
Winner number two will receive 25% off a portrait session and winner number 3 will receive 15% off a portrait session.
The person who gets a 25% discount is:
Amber Jackson
and the person who gets a 15% discount is:
Christina Ranes
Yay! Congrats! Shoot me an email to claim your prize!
I would also like to give everyone else who entered the drawing a free 11×14 print if you decide to book a portrait session with me before December 31, 2010! I so appreciate all of your support and enthusiasm! You all are the best!
And just because blog posts with pictures are better, here’s a couple photos of things I photograph when I’m not photographing people. Happy Thursday!