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HayHush Editorial Shoot

I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Hayley Stayner, the uber-talented and beautiful fashion blogger from, for a fun editorial shoot! We had so much fun tromping through the “wilderness” in her pretty shoes and outfits, making some incredible images for her upcoming features. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to take a break from some of my mundane photographer duties and focus on capturing movement and beauty from someone who really knows how to work it! Any boy, did Hayley work it! I could get used to working with models on a regular basis, lol! Thank you so much, Hayley, for allowing me to borrow your pretty face and for spending the afternoon with me! I had so much fun remembering why I love being a photographer and creating some images that will hopefully be inspiring to both of our readers! XOXOXO! HayHush150Hayley_Editorial_4Hayley_Editorial_33Hayley_Editorial_37Hayley_Editorial_39Hayley_Editorial_42HayHush551HayHush568HayHush575HayHush629HayHush677HayHush711Hayley_Editorial_104Hayley_Editorial_122Hayley_Editorial_125Hayley_Editorial_130HayHush757HayHush533HayHush283HayHush232HayHush327Hayley_Editorial_48Hayley_Editorial_60Hayley_Editorial_69Hayley_Editorial_71Hayley_Editorial_86Mastin Fuji Pro 400H N-2Replichrom Fuji Pro 400H NHayley_Editorial_80