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Matilda: Class of 2014

The thing that I love most about high school senior portrait photography is the fact that I get to hang out with these amazing young people in an attempt to capture their entire essence in pictures! It is so incredibly inspiring to be around such a young person who is so full of life and hope for the future, who knows exactly who they are at that moment and makes no apologies for it, and who is so excited to conquer the world! Matilda is no exception to this and it was an honor to capture her in her element! I will never forget Matilda’s reaction that her mom relayed to me when I showed them where I wanted to shoot her photos. It made me giggle seeing her mom put in quotations the words “legit” and “freaking awesome.” And once I saw Matilda’s incredible artwork I was so pleased with how her wardrobe styling by the always amazing Cortnie Bigelow, the location, and Matilda’s personality tied right into it. So here is Matilda’s senior portrait collection; a little sweet, a little sassy, a little strong, and totally LEGIT!