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evansville wedding photography of flower girl in white dress with horse



Engaged! River Valley Magazine

Excitement, humility, hope….these are just a few of the emotions that have filled me over the last few months as I have been busy networking and collaborating with local artisan vendors to create some truly beautiful imagery that will help to elevate Evansville’s already bustling wedding market. Seeing the fruits of my labors in print form is the ultimate reward. I am so honored and blessed to have been included in the flagship issue of the new Engaged! River Valley magazine. I not only was asked to shoot for the magazine on two separate articles, but a beautiful styled shoot I helped organize this summer was given a 4 page spread plus the COVER of the magazine! I have several other photos sprinkled throughout the publication as well. I have no words to describe this warm, fuzzy feeling in my soul. I have LOTS and LOTS of copies to share with anyone who would like one, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you do! Thank you JoElle Knight and Nikki Davis for finding value in my work and for the beautiful friendship and support you have given me! I look forward to a long, loving, and fruitful relationship with you both, personally and professionally! Don’t forget to check out Engaged! River Valley online as well!