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Backyard Family Portraits: The Hammonds


A backyard family portrait session is the perfect solution for a location when traveling away from home for a photo shoot isn’t an option!

Bobbi and her family of five girls (and her ever-patient husband) had a very long quarantine during 2020. It was really important for the Hammonds family to stay far away from Covid 19. Baelynn, the oldest daughter, is at high risk for devastating effects if she were to become infected with the virus.

Quarantine was hard on everyone, but I can only imagine the kind of stress one would feel when living with a family member who’s health is so fragile. I’m sure Bobbi and her family were nervous every time they had to leave home.

The Hammond’s positivity is contagious in all the best ways.

As hard as all of that was (and I’m sure it was much more difficult that I could ever put into words), I was so impressed with the Hammonds’ positive attitudes. Their resilience and determination to make their forced at-home time both productive and enjoyable was humbling. They spent their time developing talents and taking care of their pets (and each other). They even completed several rounds of a fitness program that the entire family joined in on.

Staying home for their family portrait session was an obvious choice. It ended up being so fun to be able to use the Hammonds’ backyard! I loved that the location was private and completely unique to them. I think that little personal touch added an extra layer of meaning to the photographs. So many memories have been made on that land, which makes the experience of creating family mementos that much more special. Add the convenience of being at home and honestly, it was a win-win!

I loved spending time with Bobbi and her family creating these special family portraits. The light that comes from their optimistic and can-do spirits is contagious. I came away from the session feeling so grateful for my family, my home, and especially my job. A job that allows me to see and show off the best in each of my clients.

Bobbi, you and your husband are raising your girls to become truly incredible people!

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