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Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement


Melissa and Jacob’s engagement session was an absolute dream to shoot…ignoring the fact that it was 5000 degrees and 200% humidity that day. In fact, you see that pretty little rainbow on the left side of the first image? And on the right side of the next? That happy accident was caused by the light refracting off the moisture in the air and shining through the condensation on my lens! I’m not joking when I say that it was probably one of the stickiest days I have ever experienced! But, even though the three of us were suffering from a major case of Sw.Ass, we powered through and captured some of my favorite engagement photos to date!

The thing that made this session so special, besides the obvious fact that Melissa and Jacob are beautiful people and insanely cute together and madly in love, was all of the fun props they brought along with them! Melissa styled the photo session as their perfect date and we snapped and laughed our way through a picnic in the park, a tandem bike ride on a vintage beach cruiser, and a romantic stroll around dusk at John James Audobon State Park.  Pure. Perfection!

I loved working with these two lovebirds and I definitely hold them on a pedestal for putting so much forethought into how they wanted to share their love story! Future brides, take note!

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0001-1024x691 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0002-1024x765 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0003-1024x691 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0004-1024x354 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0005-1024x691 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0006-1024x765 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

summer-evansville-engagement-photographer-_0007-1024x354 Melissa and Jacob Grear Engagement

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