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Katrina Marshall Maternity Session


Pregnancy is such an amazing, crazy, emotional roller coaster of a life event! It is incredible and terrifying, beautiful and disgusting (yup, I’m giving you raw honesty today!). It’s empowering, and earth-shaking and just about everything in between! The dichotomy of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that run through your body is astounding and without compare!

For myself, the most special part of pregnancy was feeling the tiny, sweet movements of the growing life inside of me. I remember laying in bed at night, trying to go to sleep while little kicks and nudges playfully encouraged me to imagine what my son or daughter would look like, what their laugh would sound like, and what they would feel like in my arms. With my most recent pregnancy, I would also sometimes be paralyzed in fear wondering if I would be a good mother; if I had enough love in my heart for my children and fearing what adding another person to the family would do the dynamics of my current relationship with my husband and my other children. It’s a whirlwind of emotion, love, and excitement and it can be summed up in one word; beautiful.

I absolutely love when I am asked to photograph a maternity session– especially for a first time mommy like Katrina. These sessions remind me of that incredible season in my own life. I remember all the goodness, all the insanity and it makes me grateful for the experiences I had during this once-in-a-lifetime journey of being a first-time mother. Most of all, I am even more grateful that I have moved on to a different season and can now share my journey with others.

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0001-1024x766 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0002-1024x766 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0003-1024x766 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0004-1024x476 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0005-1024x686 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0006-1024x766 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0007-1024x476 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0008-1024x476 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

spring-maternity-photographer-angel-mounds-evansville-_0009-1024x686 Katrina Marshall Maternity Session

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