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Daines Family Session


I have had the pleasure of photographing this family’s portraits for the last couple of years now, and every time I get to work with them, I love them even more! And believe me, that isn’t just something I say about every client!

This family session was especially sweet because…

1. The location at Blue Grass preserve was absolutely gorgeous! The wildflowers and wild growing grass at Blue Grass made this shoot look especially whimsical.

2. The light was simply divine.

3. The color palette of their wardrobe was full of my favorite tints of blues and blush.

4.  This family session marked the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the family and what they have come to know as their time together. The oldest sibling, Brooklyn, was headed off to Brazil to serve a mission for her church and the middle sibling, Lydia, was starting her senior year of High School. Talk about commemorating a time in your lives!

What I especially loved about this family session, though, was their unabashed display of complete and utter love and adoration for one another. It was not only visible during the shoot and in the images, but it was tangible– you could feel the love in the air. It made me think about my kiddos and how their bond with one another will continue to grow as they do. It makes my mommy-heart swell with hope and happiness for the future!

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0001-1024x691 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0002-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0003-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0004-1024x691 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0005-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0006-1024x691 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0007-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0008-1-1024x691 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0009-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0010-1024x764 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0011-1024x765 Daines Family Session

summer-evansville-blue-grass-family-photographer-_0012-1024x691 Daines Family Session

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