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Spring Mini Family Sessions


Have I mentioned to you yet how much I love Spring?

Spring is my absolute FAVORITE season. I just adore the greens of newly sprouted grass, the freshly budding leaves on trees and of course, embracing the wonderful feeling that the whole world is dancing together in bloom! Everything smells divine and the promise of warmth and new life after the bitterness of Winter fills me with such hope, wonder, and excitement.

This year was the first time I offered Spring Mini Family Sessions. It was so much fun to see families come together and make memories together in front of my lens. Each session started with the classic sit and smile photo that grandma will love to hang up in her home, then, I let the family just be themselves to let their personalities shine and capture photos they will cherish for years to come. Plus, I think the kids were still just happy to be OUTSIDE after the Winter months!

These Spring Mini Family Sessions were so much fun that I think I am going to make it a tradition! I mean, who doesn’t love bright, sunny skies, fresh blossoms, and happy faces?!

I hope I will see your beautiful face in front of my camera for mini family sessions next year! Stay tuned to my Instagram to see when the mini sessions will be announced!

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0016-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0017-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0018-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0019-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0020-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0021-1024x347 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0022-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0023-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0024-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0025-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0026-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0027-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0028-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0029-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0030-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0031-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0032-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0033-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0034-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0035-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0036-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0037-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0038-1024x476 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0039-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0040-1024x766 Spring Mini Family Sessions

evansville-indiana-spring-mini-family-portrait-session-state-hospital-_0041-1024x686 Spring Mini Family Sessions

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