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Spring Garden Wedding Shoot


This Spring Garden Wedding shoot was the third time I had the opportunity to work with Whitney Muncy from Emerald Design on a styled shoot. Each time has been absolutely wonderful but this time was especially special– this was the first time Whitney had full reign to do it all her way and boy, did she do an amazing job!

Whitney completely harnessed everything beautiful about spring in this wedding inspiration shoot! From the pink-hued flowers of springtime blooming tulips and peonies to the delicate gold accents, every detail made spring feel fresh and alive! My favorite touches were the hanging accent frame for the perfect photo op, and the fun, floral dinner napkins on the sweetheart table! I rarely see a printed napkin and now I wish more weddings had them! Oh, and we cannot forget the decadent dessert table! We had not one, but TWO beautiful naked cakes and a ton of mini ombre French macarons that tasted every bit as good as they looked!

Spring is my favorite season, so this styled shoot will forever hold a special place in my heart! Keep scrolling down to see the full feature in Engaged! River Valley magazine and fall in love with Spring too!

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0001-1024x765 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0002-1024x691 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0003-1024x765 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0004-1024x481 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0005-1024x691 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0006-1024x691 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0007-1024x481 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0008-1024x765 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0009-1024x481 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0010-1024x691 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0011-1024x481 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0012-1024x765 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0013-1024x691 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0014-1024x765 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

spring-evansville-garden-wedding-photographer-_0015-1024x481 Spring Garden Wedding Shoot

Creative Team:

Floral and Set Design: Emerald Design

Stationary: Bailey Mare Studio

Dress: AnnaLe’s Twice Chosen

Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake and French Macarons: Pangea

Jewelry: Droste’s Jewelers

Hair: Carrie Hood of Har Salon

Bench: OBJ Design

Dessert Buffet/Desk: Blooming Hydrangea Co.

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