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Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding


My absolute favorite part of Jenna and Tyler’s wedding was their outdoor ceremony. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are not very common here in the Tri-State because the weather can be so unpredictable but when they do happen…oh, they are so very lovely! As their wedding photographer, I can say that everything looks more true-to-life and stunning when photographed in natural light.

Jenna and Tyler exchanged their wedding vows in front of their dearest friends and family on the patio at the O’Day Discovery Lodge in Evansville, Indiana. Every moment of their ceremony was just so sweet. The look on Tyler’s face as Jenna walked down the aisle was so precious and you could just see the pure joy he was feeling. He was feeling the emotions every bride wishes to evoke from her groom the day they promise forever to each other. There were actually several times during the ceremony that I teared up myself watching their love unfold so beautifully.

The grounds at the Lodge were so pretty for portraits as well! The endless greenery and trees make me swoon and they paired so perfectly with the pretty pinks and ivories in Jenna’s wonderfully crafted color palette.

Jenna and Tyler danced the rest of their night away under romantic and whimsical twinkle lights and I can say that this wedding was definitely one to remember! Shillawna Ruffner, the wedding photographer captured those wonderful moments.

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0001-1024x765 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0003-1024x765 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0004-688x1024 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0005-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0006-1024x481 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0008-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0009-1024x692 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0010-1024x765 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0011-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0012-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0013-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0014-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0015-1024x765 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0017-1024x354 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

spring-evansville-burdette-park-wedding-photographer-_0018-1024x691 Jenna and Tyler Ritzert Wedding

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