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Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot


One of the things that I love most about working with the girls at Engaged! River Valley is their fearlessness when it comes to making wedding photography inspiration come to life! We are located smack-dab in the Mid West, yet the creative team working on this styled shoot was able to create a set that was 100% tropical! Who would have thought that would be possible?! From the sea shell-laced headpiece to the driftwood table accents and sea glass inspired touches, this inspiration shoot is fit for any sea goddess looking to embrace the enchantment and wonder of the ocean.

We shot at Edgewater Grill in Newburgh, IN where they have the most amazing views of the Ohio River! The sunset perfectly complemented all of the beachy accents and color palette and I am confident that any sand and surf-loving bride-to-be will absolutely adore the inspiration gathered together in this collection of images!

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the incredible vendors involved in this inspiration shoot and see the feature in Engaged! magazine.
summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0001-1024x764 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0002-1024x691 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0003-1024x765 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0004-1024x765 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0005-1024x691 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0006-1024x765 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0007-1024x480 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0008-1024x765 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0009-1024x481 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0010-1024x765 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

summer-evansville-mermaid-beach-wedding-inspiration-photographer-_0011-1024x691 Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot

Creative Team:

Venue: Edgewater Grill

Designer/Decor/Stationery: JoElle Elise Design

Driftwood Furniture: Built on the Rock

Florist: Zeidler’s

Dress: Annale’s Twice Chosen

Cake: Piece of Cake

Pastries: Edgewater Grill

Makeup: Sammi Jo Morrow

Hair: Shannon Aleksandr Salon

Videography: 3 Tree Films

Headpiece: Nikki Davis

Check out the feature in the Winter 2017 issue of Engaged! River Valley Magazine!

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