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Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session


I knew I was going to love Stephanie and Logan the moment I met them! We had so much fun during our initial consultation that we overstayed our welcome at the restaurant we met at and my husband was texting me wondering where the heck I was, haha! They are just a super cool, fun couple and their zest for life and their love for one another are simply contagious!

Logan and Stephanie met while they were attending the University of Evansville while they were both completing their degrees in Health Administrative Services. Here is how Logan proposed, in Stephanie’s own words, “We went to dinner at Farmer & Frenchman on our 5th anniversary. While we were at dinner, Logan had some of our close friends decorate our living room in intricate detail for the perfect moment when we arrived home from dinner. Once home, I was afraid to walk into our living room because I was waiting for people to jump out and yell “SURPRISE!!”. Logan encouraged me  to walk into the center of a heart outlined in rose petals where he then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! *Cue the ugly crying!*”

I love this story so much because it is very similar to my own proposal story! My husband took me out to dinner for our anniversary and had my friend decorate my bedroom with roses and rose petals. When we got back to my apartment, I walked into my bedroom, saw the display and turned around to hug him and found him down on one knee with a ring. There were definitely ugly tears involved here as well!

Logan and Stephanie decided to shoot their engagement session at University of Evansville to give a nod to the commencement of their relationship. Don’t you just love it when things come full circle like that?! And just like our

first consultation, the three of us had an amazing time and laughed until out bellies ached!

I can’t wait until their wedding in April! It’s going to be a very special one for me, as I have a special place in my heart for this adorable couple!

university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0001 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0002 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0003 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0004 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0005 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0006 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0007 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0008 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0009 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0010 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0011 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session university-of-evansville-fall-engagement-photographer-_0012 Stephanie + Logan: The Engagement Session

  1. Lindsay Johnson says:

    Love their photos! They are an amazing couple! I have been doing Stephanie’s hair since she was in high school. Crazy to think I did her hair for prom and now I can’t wait to do it for her wedding!

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