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The Gannon Family


Cynthia and I messaged for several months before we were finally able to get together to photograph her family session. But when we finally did shoot together, it was totally worth the wait! The light was amazing and the Evansville State Hospital Grounds were absolutely perfect for her family! The Gannons are gorgeous, inside and out, and even though it’s always a little bit of a circus when kids are involved in photo sessions, I think their collection of images showcases all of the love, laughter, and insanity that comes with being part of a family.

summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0001 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0002 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0003 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0004 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0005 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0006 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0007 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0008 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0009 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0010 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0011 The Gannon Family summer-evansville-state-hospital-grounds-family-photographer-_0012 The Gannon Family

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