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Gretchen + Matt


These two cuties were my adorable Holiday sweethearts for 2018! I always seem to get one or two sessions that are Christmas focused every year, and I was thrilled to work with Matt and Gretchen at Farm 57.

Matt and Gretchen have been together for several years and are the coolest couple! Both are avid Crossfitters and are co-owners of Key Nutrition and Performance. To say this is a power couple would be an understatement!

I always encourage my couples to think of some way they can tell their story or something unique about their relationship that they can include in their photos, so when we had the idea of incorporating pizza from Pizza Revolution into Matt and Gretchen’s session, I knew it was going to be a fun one! When I asked Gretchen if they loved pizza that much, she said, “Oh (gosh) yes lol! Once we did a pizza challenge for ourselves and ate pizza every weekend trying to go to all the places in Evansville.” Yup, I think that qualifies as a unique and passionate part of this relationship that deserves documentation!

I had so much fun nibbling, snuggling, and laughing my way through this shoot! And was soooo excited that only a few weeks later, Matt decided to ask Gretchen to marry him! What was intended to be a shoot for their Christmas cards will now be celebrated as their engagement session!

I’m so excited for the future Mr. and Mrs. Key! And I’m pretty sure that if they decide to have children in the future, their babies will be born with six packs!

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