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Kristen + Ben: The Wedding


The Wasilewski Wedding was an absolute DREAM! I can only speak from my perspective, but I would bet money that Kristen and Ben and all of their friends and family felt exactly the same way!

I could tell that Kristen and her sweet mother put so much thought into the aesthetics of the wedding. Everything from Kristen’s dress to her flowers to her invitation suite was so cohesive! Which means that this collection of images is cohesive and they turned out so dreamy!

I started the day photographing the bride’s wardrobe details (one of my FAVORITE parts of the day) and then we got her dressed. Kristen chose to just have her mom help her get ready and I loved how intimate this very special moment was for them! I can only imagine how happy and proud the Mother of the Bride was as she hooked every button and placed the veil. I get a little teary eyed thinking about my own daughters marrying someday and how special it will be, helping them get ready to pledge their hearts to the love of their life.

After Ben was dressed and groomed by his hilarious groomsmen, Kristen and I headed outdoors for her first look with her dad and two brothers. I have photographed many first looks between bride and their dads, but this was the first time a bride has included her brothers in the experience. OMG did my heart melt! It was so endearing to see three of the four most important men in Kristen’s life glow in adoration over her and to overhear their sweet words of comfort, congratulations, and encouragement for her.

The Bride and Groom were wed in an elegant outdoor ceremony at Rolling Hills Country Club and it could not have been more flawless! The most amazing part was their absolute candidness in sharing their emotions. You have to look hard, but I did catch a photo of Ben with a tear rolling down his cheek as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time. And you have to completely swoon at their reactions when they exchanged rings, were pronounced husband and wife, and exited their ceremony. It was pure joy and photo magic!

If I have one piece of advice for my future brides and grooms, it is this: Do not be afraid to overshare your joy and excitement on your wedding day! You want to remember how happy you feel and the best way to relive those feelings is through your wedding photographs. You want those to reflect your inner feelings! Laugh, cry, smile, shout for joy! It is welcomed, encouraged, and makes for incredible and memorable photos!

The ballroom at Rolling Hills was perfect for Kristen and Ben’s aesthetic! It was bright, clean, and elegant! And the floral pieces were full and lush and to die for!

The rest of the evening was spent laughing and making memories as Ben and Kristen danced the night away with their loved ones. Kristen even had a super cute choreographed dance she performed with her father! It was so much fun!

And of course, the wedding party and bridal portraits turned out stunning! I chalk it up to great taste, wonderful planning and forethought, and an amazingly bonded and beautiful group of people who were all invested in every moment of the day. This was another of my favorite weddings from 2018 and such a great note to start the busiest season of the year!

rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0001 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0002 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0003 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0004 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0005 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0006 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0007 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0008 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0009 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0011 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0012 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0013 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0014 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0015 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0016 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0017 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0018 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0019 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0020 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0021 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0022 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0023 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0024 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0025 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0026 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0027 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0028 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0029 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0030 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0031 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0032 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0033 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0034 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0035 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0036 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0037 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0038 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0039 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0040 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0041 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0042 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0043 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0044 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0045 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0046 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0047 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0048 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0049 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0050 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0051 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0052 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0053 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0054 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0055 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0056 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0057 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding rolling-hills-country-club-newburgh-indiana-wedding-photographer-_0058 Kristen + Ben: The Wedding

Flowers: Barbara’s Bloomers
Hair: Ellie Schmitt with Salon One
Dress: House of White
Menswear: Mens Wearhouse 
Rolling Hills Country Club

  1. Lisa Wasilewski Mariano says:

    Stunning, absolutely STUNNING! Beautiful lifetime memories, each and every picture!

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