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Jen + Robert: The Engagements


Jen and Robert are both transplants to Evansville; Jen is from Pennsylvania and Robert is from Illinois. They were introduced to one another by a mutual friend and the rest is history. Jen describes Robert as calm and always composed, silly and funny, attractive, and caring and supportive. As a Finance Auditor, Jen is very detail oriented and organized. I loved being able witness how well these opposites balance one another out during their engagement session. Which was AMAZING!

Jen and Robert love the city life, so they work and live in downtown Evansville. It was a no-brainer that we shoot their session there! We started on 1st Avenue where the most beautiful historic homes are located and meandered through the cobble stone streets documenting the dynamics of their love story.

We finished shooting on the rooftop of this dynamic duo’s condo building and they made sure to include their most precious baby, Daisy, in a few of these photos. I’m not usually a lover of Chihuahuas, but if they all came in such sweet, playful, and outgoing packages as Daisy, they’d be my favorite breed! I mean, this pup was seriously the cutest! I’d be lying if I told you the thought of putting her in my pocket and taking her home didn’t cross my mind!

I’m really looking forward to Jen and Robert’s wedding in 2019! They are planning a very intimate ceremony and an equally intimate and incredible dinner party at one of my favorite restaurants on Main Street, Comfort by the Crosseyed Cricket!

jen_robert_engagements_2018_10 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_16 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_20 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_24 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_25 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_28 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_30 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_35 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_41 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_45 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_51 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_53 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_56 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_60 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

jen_robert_engagements_2018_64 Jen + Robert: The Engagements

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