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Welcome to the blog, a journal about my work, my clients, and their stories. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi there!
I'm Shillawna


The Muncy Family


I have been shooting weddings and portraits for almost 10 years now! At this point in most photographers’ careers, they have usually decided to specialize in one or the other. Although I admit it can be difficult sometimes to juggle the two genres of photography, I love each equally and the challenge they both provide me is something I would miss if I decided to only shoot one or the other.

Whitney’s family is the perfect example of why I love shooting families. I have had the pleasure of working with her and her family for several years now and we also have the opportunity to work together on weddings and styled shoots, as she is an incredibly talented florist! Watching the Muncys grow is the greatest treat! It’s something I look forward to with all of my loyal, returning clients!

vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0001 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0002 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0003 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0004 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0005 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0006 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0007 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0008 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0009 The Muncy Family vanderburgh-4-h-center-family-photographer-_0010 The Muncy Family

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