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The Bullock Wedding


I think the best part of weddings is when huge families come together to celebrate the Bride and Groom. It’s so amazing to see all of the love, support, hard work, and encouragement both immediate and extended family members offer the couple and it completely amazes me and warms my heart every time!

Nicole and Josh’s wedding was nothing short of a magical, family fete! I could see how much affection, excitement, and effort was poured into each of the intimate details of their wedding by all of the people who love, and whom they love. It was really special to see how much Josh and Nicole are treasured!

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Burdette Park’s O’Day Discovery Lodge. My two favorite things about this venue is that there is a space for outdoor ceremonies, which are my FAVORITE, and all of the beautiful locations for outdoor portraits! You just can’t beat wooded paths, lakes, and sunshine!

White lace ballet flats on a delicate pink fabric framed by eucalyptus and peonies A wedding dress hanging from the doors of the O'Day Discovery Lodge Wedding rings resting on a wood surface A groom's wardrobe details A bride's mother helping her get dressed A bride stepping into her wedding shoes A groom getting dressed A bride and groom's first look on a trail at Burdette Park A groom smiling widely as he sees his bride for the first time A bride and groom with their 4 year old son A bride kissing her 4 year old son A large bridal party dressed in burgundy and navy blue A bride and her bridesmaids laughing A groom and his groomsmen laughing A bride and groom smiling A bride and groom smiling while posing on a trail at Burdette Park A bride and groom holding a bouquet of white and pink peonies and seeded eucalyptus A bride and groom strolling in the sunshine in front of the O'Day Discovery Lodge A bride and groom kissing in front of a lodge A bride walking down the aisle A bride and groom preparing to say their vows A smiling bride with her bridesmaids looking on A bride and groom exchanging rings while the groomsmen look on A bride and groom sharing their first kiss at the end of their ceremony A bride and groom walking down the aisle after their ceremony Signage at a wedding reception A floral arrangement at a wedding reception A head table at a reception at O'Day Discover Lodge Pink and white peony centerpieces on guest tables at a wedding reception White and blue hombre wedding cake adorned with pink peonies and a Harry Potter themed cake topper Reception space at O'Day Discovery Lodge at Burdette Park in Evansville, IN A bride and groom entering their wedding reception A bride and groom laughing during the best man's speach A bride and groom toasting after a speach A maid of honor giving her speech A bride and groom shoving wedding cake into one another's faces A bride tossing her bouquet and a groom tossing the garter A bride and groom dancing during their wedding reception

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