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The Lockhart Family


I’m not exactly sure how many years I have been photographing the Lockhart’s family pictures, but I do know that every year the sessions just get better!

I have nothing but love and respect for Erica and Sam as they chase their dreams and raise their beautiful family. They have eight children (!!!) and each child is so unique, well behaved, and breathtakingly beautiful! Meeting up with these guys when I can make it out to California is one of the highlights of my trip.

Every year, Erica makes all of the girls’ dresses and this year was hands down my favorite! Each little lady had her own unique shade of blue, and those fluffy tulle skirts photographed so perfectly! And how adorable are the boys in their little suits?!

Of course, we couldn’t forget to get a few photos of Erica and Sam together because, after all, they are the glue that holds this family together. I have to admit that my photographer heart always skips a beat when I know she and her handsome husband will be in front of my lens. (How has she had 8 children??) Their chemistry is real and they love openly and completely. It’s a truly satisfying experience working with these two and their tribe.

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