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Caitlin + Jeremy


When I first met Caitlin, I was just floored by how gorgeous she is. But more than that, her personality is so warm and kind and she is the type of girl that you instantly want to be best friends with. She truly has an inner glow that radiates from her eyes and smile. I didn’t get to meet Jeremy until we shot their engagement session. I was so looking forward to meeting the man whom a woman like this would choose to share her life with. And let me tell you, Jeremy meets Caitlin toe to toe in effervescence and kindness.

How They Met

Caitlin and Jeremy met after literally running into each other at a local night club. Jeremy was instantly smitten with Caitlin’s beauty and, after messaging one another online for about a week, the two had their first date. They have been together ever since, adventuring during the day and binging episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper at night.

The Proposal

When Jeremy decided he was going to propose, he had so many elaborate plans that just kept falling through for one reason or another. His final attempt was to propose to Caitlin at a Garth Brooks concert, but he got in his head and didn’t pop the question. When the two returned to their hotel room after the concert, they settled in for the night over Hot Pockets and chocolate milk. Those must have been some bewitched Hot Pockets because Jeremy FINALLY got the courage up and told Caitlin he just “had to make her is wife.” I don’t think I would ever be able to eat Hot Pockets or drink chocolate milk again without a huge smile on my face, if I were Caitlin or Jeremy! Of course, Caitlin said yes and I can only imagine the joy they both felt that night.

The Family Photos

Jeremy has a 3 year old daughter named Harlow that is a HUGE part of his life. He and Caitlin really wanted to include her in some of their engagement photos because this happy union isn’t just about two people; Caitlin, or “Cake” as Harlow calls her, it is joining Jeremy and Harlow and completing this instant family of three.

I met Caitlin, Jeremy, and Harlow at Cait’s home in Newburgh. We captured some of the sweetest moments as Caitlin and Jeremy loved all over their little girl. Some of my favorites are of the three of them munching on homemade chocolate chip cookies in Caitlin’s adorable vintage styled kitchen.

The Engagement Session

After Harlow went with Cait’s mom for some special grandma time, Jeremy, Caitlin, and I headed over to one of my favorite fields in Newburgh for photos of the two of them. Oh, my gosh, we had so much fun! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

Jeremy was sooooo excited about the photos that he put all of his effort into anything I asked him to do. This included spinning Cait around so fast that her hair was flying everywhere and pulling her through the field until she could hardly keep up. I was dying! He was going to make sure these engagement photos were everything his Beloved dreamed about and nothing was going to stop him! It was seriously the most endearing thing I have ever seen, although completely overkill and absolutely hilarious!

After we all had a good laugh, Jeremy and Cait took a deep breath and settled into the true purpose of the shoot; putting into visual context the way they feel for one another. And then, my friends, we made MAGIC! We caught tender embraces, genuine smiles, belly laughs, and true love. Not to mention some of the prettiest sunset images taken in 20+ mile an hour winds I have ever had the pleasure of shooting!

The Wedding

I am so excited to begin my 2019 wedding season with Caitlin and Jeremy’s nuptials! They will be tying the knot on the Newburgh riverfront, right on the Ohio River, and then dancing the night away at Preservation Hall. I cannot wait to witness what I am sure to be a highly emotional and joyous day in the life of this wonderful couple!

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