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Unplugged Ceremonies and Why They Are Amazing

Tips for Clients

Have you ever been to a concert or other event where it seems like every person present is recording it on their personal electronic device? Have you looked around and seen nothing but a sea of phones and tablets raised in the air? After seeing this, have you wondered, “What is the point of going if you aren’t actually going to be there?!”

An ongoing trend in the Wedding Industry is the idea of having an Unplugged Ceremony. This is when the Bride and Groom request all of the guests at their wedding ceremony to turn off any and all electronic devices they may have. I am a HUGE fan of Unplugged Ceremonies, and let me tell you why:

5 Reasons To Have an Unplugged Ceremony

A mother and father smiling and getting emotional while watching their daughter's wedding ceremony

1. It allows your guests to be fully present in what is happening. You know the difference between listening to a recording of a song vs. going to a live concert. If you’re able to use all of your senses when you’re experiencing something, it will be that much more memorable and special.

Black and white photo of a bride walking down the aisle at a wedding ceremony while her grandfather blots his teary eyes with a handkerchief
How sweet is the Bride’s Grandfather in this shot?!
2. Photographers and videographers don’t have to compete with over zealous guests to get great photos (after all, the couple is paying the photographer to capture these amazing moments).
Guests and a wedding ceremony block the photographer's view with their iphones
3. Ceremony photos will include guests FACES and their reactions to what is happening instead of their devices.
4. Ceremony photos won’t have a ton of unappealing devices being held up in the air during the key moments of the ceremony.
Guests holding up electronic devices during wedding ceremonies
5. Guests’ views won’t be blocked by other guests’ devices.
This may be a difficult thing to ask your adorable paparazzi family members to do, however, after the ceremony, cameras can be turned back on. But until then, here are some polite ways to get your guests on board with the unplugged ceremony:

4 Ways to Ask Your Guests to Unplug

1. Purchase or create cute signage to display at the entrance of the ceremony. There are many creative poems out there if you want it to rhyme.
2. Include a written request in the form of a paragraph somewhere on the ceremony program.
Detail shot of wedding programs and toss confetti and a bride and groom kissing at the end of their ceremony
3. Have the officiant remind everyone to turn their devices off before the ceremony starts.
4. Do all three! If you want the best results, have multiple reminders for you guests available!
A bride and her father walking down the wedding ceremony aisle

Your family and friends love you and want to remember your special day, but it really will be remembered best if your guests are guesting and your photographer is recording all of the magical moments!

What are your thoughts on having an unplugged ceremony? As a Bride/Groom or as a Guest? I would love to hear what you think!

A bride and groom kissing during the recessional of their wedding ceremony

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