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Vanessa + Nathan


Vanessa and Nathan are such a dynamic duo! On the one hand, they are so kind, patient, and gracious. On the other hand, they could probably kill you before you knew what was happening! (I kid… sort of…)

Vanessa and Nathan both have had a life long goal of working in law enforcement and they each, independently, made their dreams a reality. It was in fact their careers that had something to do with them getting together. They met through Nathan’s co-worker who works out at the same gym as Vanessa. And so, their professional aspirations and achievements eventually led to their personal happiness and security. I love that so much!

The Family Session

Nathan has an adorable toddler named Zeke, so we had to make sure to get a few photos of this ready-made family together. Zeke was the epitome of what a little boy should be and it took all three of us to contain all of the zest for life bursting from his little body. But how cute is his smile and those tender snuggles that “Nessa” and daddy are giving him?!

The Engagement Session

After family photos, it was time to focus on the future Mr. and Mrs. Hassler. Nathan’s parents own the prettiest property and welcomed us there for the Engagement session. We had secluded fields, rustic wooden fences, tall grass, and even a pond at our disposal. #dreamlocation Vanessa is originally from Montana and I knew she would love how outdoorsy her engagement photos would be with the abundance of natural beauty available to us! So, we laughed, danced, and snuggled our way through the rest of the evening.

I’m so excited for Vanessa and Nathan’s wedding coming up in June! Vanessa is going to be the most gorgeous bride and I cannot wait to photograph her beautiful red hair again! And I know Nathan will be the most doting and dapper groom around!

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