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The West Wedding


The Proposal

Dustin and Jessica were introduced to each other by Jessica’s cousin Jeff. Eight and a half years of courtship later, Dustin finally popped the question! Jessica is a runner and, Dustin also being very athletic, devised the perfect ploy for his proposal! He invited Jessica to “run the steps” with him at her favorite spot and when they got to the top, Dustin surprised her. The view was breathtaking and Jessica said, “He knelt down on one knee holding the ring and asked me to be his Queen. It was perfect and perfectly us.”

The Couple

When this power couple isn’t busy working, they love watching movies, dining out, and relaxing by the pool with friends. Jessica says it’s Dustin’s (smart mouthed) humor that keeps her laughing and their relationship fresh. When asked to describe each other in 5 words, Jessica says Dustin is “a smart ass, funny, stubborn, athletic, and manly.” Dustin describes Jessica as “lucky girl to have me.” Yup, I see that sarcasm, lol!

The Wedding

Once Dustin FINALLY proposed to Jessica, she and her family wasted no time in preparing and pulling off the most incredible intimate backyard wedding I have had the pleasure of witnessing. It was all made possible by Jessica’s outstandingly talented and resourceful family members pitching in. Plus, it really helped that Jessica’s sister is none other than JoElle Knight of JoElle Elise Design!

The vision behind this beautiful outdoor feat was to incorporate bohemian decor with Moroccan accents. Add in a little touch of glam and a few sprinkles of hometown goodness, and you have a recipe for the prettiest backyard elopement possible. And this was all planned and executed in a month! Incredible!

I had a wonderful time spending the day with a couple and a family who truly love each other unconditionally. They treated me like I was part of their family, which tied all my heart strings into pretty little bows. And I love that their teamwork goes to show that when a family comes together and each person does their part, amazing things can happen!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. West! Thank you for allowing me to experience this special occasion with you!

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