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The Lockhart Family


The Lockharts are another family I got to reconnect with on my recent trip to California. I have been photographing Sam and Erica’s family for 8 years now. I can hardly believe it! For a while there, they were adding a baby almost every time I met with them, lol! I actually took a moment to look at a few of the Lockhart’s sessions from the past before writing this blog. It was heartwarming to watch chubby little chunks of babies grow into lean teen and pre-teens and older children. It was a treat to see how I myself, as a photographer, have grown.

The Location

Sam and Erica invited me to their exquisite home up in the hills of Murrieta, CA. Their property overlooks a stunning view of Diamond Valley, so it was a bit of a no-brainer when selecting this as the location for their family session. Well, the convenience of shooting the session from home + the fact that it had been pouring rain for days. By working on their property, the kids were able to to stay tucked inside, wrapped in cozy blankets until it was their turn in the limelight. Everyone stayed warm and dry (and happy) throughout the session.

Special Touch

As a special touch, every year Erica makes hers and her girls’ dresses. It’s always a treat to see how she manages to highlight each little one’s personality while keeping the whole family coordinated. She never disappoints!


I’ve said it a million times and I’ll probably say it a million times more: I LOVE getting to watch my clients grow up. The ultimate compliment is having a family return, year after year, allowing me to document and preserve their precious memories. I am completely floored and honored in the trust that the Lockharts have put in me. I hope I can continue serving them for many, many years to come! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that someday, I’ll even be invited to photograph some, if not all, of these kiddos’ weddings! That would be the ultimate treat!

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