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Zurbano + Kaas Families


I have very much enjoyed showing off each of the family sessions I photographed while I was in California earlier this year! I’ve stretched out blogging these sessions over the summer so I could savor the memories of being in my home state; the sunshine, the mountains, the ocean, the restaurants…. but I also loved savoring the memories of being with people who have meant so much to me and my photography business. I’m wrapping up my Cali sessions with two beautiful families that I can’t wait to share the photos of!

The Zurbano Family

I met Laura in High School. We both sang in the choir and her mom was my math teacher my freshman and sophomore years. 12 years after graduating, we reconnected when she and her husband, Manny, got engaged in 2013 and I photographed their engagement photos. It was really fun having the opportunity to catch up with them again this year when they introduced me to their two boys, whom they have lovingly adopted. Laura and Manny are in the process of fostering boy and girl twins, whom they hope to also adopt. I am just so amazed by Laura and Manny’s big hearts and willingness to care for children in need.

Their happy little family was a joy to work with! I couldn’t help giggling to myself as I worked with the two little ones, remembering my own years as a mother of two toddlers. I know exactly what life is like in the Zurbano household! Part of me is so glad to be past that season of life, but part of me misses the joys of being surrounded by small children. I’m so glad that I was able to preserve this moment in time for Laura and Manny!

The Kaas Family

The Kaas Family have been clients of mine since 2014. They are such a gorgeous family and I love how they are always down to do whatever inspires me! In fact, a super fun tradition we began at their first photo shoot was doing a jump picture. They have continued this tradition with all of their family portrait sessions, even if I haven’t been available to photograph them. Unfortunately, their oldest son was out of state for school (in Hawaii, to be exact) so he wasn’t able to join us for this year’s family portraits. We made the best of it, though, and I love how beautiful their collection of images are.

Destination Portraiture

I love to travel and I love it even more if I am able to connect with people through photographs while doing so! If you are interested in making arrangements for me to visit you with my camera, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am 100% willing to set up a trip to your area for portrait sessions! Just submit in inquiry through my contact page and I’ll give you all the details on how it works!

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