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Hi there!
I'm Shillawna


The Frederick Family


Tashina and I have known each other probably since I was 11 or 12. Over two decades! That is so insane! We didn’t know each other well in high school, but circulated among the same groups of people. It wasn’t until Tashina had given birth to her youngest baby when our relationship began to blossom. She contacted me to photograph her baby’s 6 month milestone photos. Since then, we’ve been hooked! I adore working with her and her beautiful family and she loves my work! We are now going on 5 years of shooting family photos together.

This year, The Fredericks and I met up at Treasure Island beach in Laguna Beach, CA. At the end of March, the weather there was exquisite! It had been raining all week, but the rain let up just in time for us to shoot. The cloud cover provided the perfect scrim for the bright evening sunlight. This was really one of the dreamiest beach sessions I’ve ever photographed!

I loved catching up with my friend, Tashina, and her sweet family! It was a food-for-my-soul experience and I can’t wait until we can do it again!

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