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Alex + Alaina


Alex and Alaina met in High School and were friends but never dated. When they graduated, Alex moved to Texas to play college baseball and Alaina stayed here in Indiana to attend Indiana University. 5 years later, the two ended up at a mutual friend’s home when they were at home on Thanksgiving break. Alaina was instantly smitten with Alex’s good looks and, in her own words, “the rest is history.”

The Couple

When asked what some interesting facts are about her’s and Alex’s relationship, Alaina replied, “I think the most interesting fact about our relationship is we were long distance for the first year; actually, longer than the first year. When we decided we really liked each other, I was living in Chicago and he was traveling for baseball. We both just knew something was different about this relationship and we stuck it out, no matter how hard the distance was. We truly believe God put us back into each others lives at the perfect time and for the perfect reason! Another fun fact is that we are both obsessed with cheese!” (I can completely identify with this!)

The Proposal

After years of separation, college degrees, a nursing and minor league baseball career with the Angels, and long distance courtship, it was time for Alex to finally propose. Alaina invited Alex on a family trip to Panama City Beach, FL. The group was gathered together for a photo on the beach, when Alex suddenly turned to Alaina and popped the question while down on one knee. Oh, my heart is all a-flutter!

The Lifestyle

When Alaina isn’t working as a nurse or in school for her Nurse Practitioner’s license, and Alex isn’t busily working in engineering sales, they love to be outdoors! Walks, hikes, BBQ’s, spending time with family, skiing, golfing, reading, and cooking up culinary masterpieces (or experiments, as the case may be) are all on their list of favorite activities. But for now, they are using all of their free time to craft the most memorable event of their lives: their perfect wedding day!

The Engagement Session

A special shout out goes to Bosse Field who was so gracious in letting us relive Alex’s baseball glory days for a portion of the engagement session! Alaina loves baseball just as much as Alex does so it was a very fitting location to commemorate their love story. After a quick change, we headed over to Garvin Park for some super dreamy photos by the pond. I love that adorable stone bridge and the light was simply magical! Finally, the couple and I hit up the Evansville riverfront for a few epic sunset photos before calling it a night. This hometown engagement session embodies these homegrown lovers perfectly! I can’t wait to continue documenting their love story this September!

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