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The Erwin Wedding


Tyler and Carson were married on May 4, 2019. If you’re thinking they’d have to be major Star Wars fans to plan their wedding on this date, then you’d be thinking correctly! (“May the fourth be with you…”) You might also be thinking that this couple would incorporate many Star Wars themes into their wedding decorations and details. Right again! BUT – the great thing about Carson and Tyler’s wedding was that they combined their love of shabby/barn-chic decor WITH their love of their favorite movie franchise. And the results were pure (Jedi) magic!

Getting Ready

Carson and Tyler spent their morning getting ready at the Farm House at Corner House Bed and Breakfast. After having her hair and makeup done with her bridesmaids, Carson chose to have a private moment with her sweet mama while she donned her wedding gown and accouterments. The pair shared many sweet laughs and tender embraces as mother prepared daughter for the big day.

Tyler had a great time relaxing with his groomsmen, throwing back beers and playfully taking jabs at each other to pass the time. This group of guys had a great sense of humor and it was a lot of fun sharing theses moments with them!

First Looks

Carson and Tyler made the decision to see each other before their wedding ceremony. Not only was it a great decision for logistics, but it was also a really special moment that the couple was able to keep all for themselves. Tyler felt no pressure when it came to letting his emotions show when he saw his sweet bride for the first time and his face says it all! I may or may not have teared up a little bit when I witnessed the pure joy on Tyler’s face….

After Tyler and Carson exchanged hugs and kisses and secret words of affection, Carson arranged to have a first look with her father on the front porch. What a proud-parent moment! This daddy was beaming from ear to ear when he saw how lovely Carson was!

The Bridal Party

This bridal party was a party for sure! between doting bridesmaids and riotous groomsmen, Carson and Tyler definitely had a great time cheesing it up for the camera outside one of the twin barns at Corner House. I especially adored the very unique floral hoops that the bridesmaids carried in lieu of traditional bouquets.

The Ceremony

It began to rain shortly after finishing Bridal Party pictures. And when I say rain, I don’t mean a light drizzle. IT WAS POURING!!! Sadly, the outdoor ceremony had to be moved under a tent between the twin barns. The staff at Corner House were incredible and made the switch quickly and efficiently. If the weather bothered Tyler and Carson, you would have never known it! They gushed love and excitement throughout the entire ceremony.

The Bride and Groom

After a torrential downpour during the ceremony, we lucked out with a break in the rain for just enough time for family and Bride and Groom portraits. I was so in love with Carson’s stunning off-the-shoulder, blush pink gown. It fit her perfectly and she was absolutely radiant! Carson was very dapper himself and I thought his boutonniere and suspenders were adorable! We snuggled our way through the portrait session before excitedly heading off to the reception.

The Details

DeeAnn, Carson’s mother, created the perfect marriage (pun intended) between Carson’s aesthetic and Tyler’s passion for Star Wars. She included so many little nods and nuances towards the movie, but still kept the central wedding theme and color palette in mind. The decor included white chocolate formed suckers with tags that said “Thank you for sharing in our special day! ‘Yoda’ best!”, a Millennium Falcon cake topper, and a ton of vintage, shabby chic, and heirloom pieces that adorned every nook and cranny of the Twin Barns. There was even a cotton candy cart and a vintage style backdrop! DeeAnn completely hit the nail on the head! She represented both bride and groom with 0% kitschiness and 100% class.

The Reception

After enjoying a scrumptious BBQ Dinner from Sander’s Catering, the new Mr. and Mrs. Erwin danced the night away! They enjoyed drinks with friends, hand scooped ice cream, and even a dried lavender send off (that smelled amazing!!!) It was a magical night! I am so grateful I was the lucky photographer who was there to capture it all! And I wish all of the love and happiness in the world to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Carson!

The Creative Team

Venue: Corner House Bed and Breakfast

Florist: Erin’s Events by Erin Rust
Dress Designer and Dress Shop: Ella Park Bridal
DJ: Nusoundz Entertainment
Caterer: Sanders catering
Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator: Gayla Cakes
Event Designer/Decorator: DeeAnn Fowler
Wedding Officiant: Carrie D’Esposito

PLUS! Check out this super fun Behind the Scenes video by Rose and Oak Studios!

  1. Cindy bailey says:

    Beautiful just beautiful!

  2. Beverly Richardson says:

    This is the best write up of a wedding I have ever seen along with beautifful pictures to go along with the story. You all are amaxing

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