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The Kempf Wedding


Kyle and BreeAna were married this June in the most STUNNING outdoor ceremony! The couple was surrounded by their dearest family and friends as they pledged their love for one another. The whole day was simply breathtaking! I am so excited to share all of the details from beginning to end!

Getting Ready

BreeAna spent the morning with her bridesmaids and mother at the cutest in-home salon. Albeit tiny, these ladies had no problem packing in and rubbing elbows as they got glammed up for the big day. BreeAna’s hair turned out absolutely gorgeous I and I couldn’t help but be a little covetous of her gorgeous blonde curls! When she was ready to get dressed, we all headed to The Azalea Path, where much of the wedding was held. I pulled her out to the lovely wooded gardens where her mama lovingly zipped and buttoned BreeAna’s gown and placed her veil and jewelry on with care.When she was fully dressed, Kyle surprised BreeAna with a hand written note to read. I don’t know what the letter said, but by the tears in her eyes and the smile on her face, whatever Kyle wrote was perfect.

Kyle and his boys also decided to take advantage of the grounds to finish up putting on his wardrobe, and I am so glad they did! I loved having such a picturesque space with dreamy, natural light to photograph these special moments!

The First Looks

Kyle and Bree’s first look is probably one of my all-time favorites. Partly because of the location – that waterfall was so pretty – but mostly because of their reactions. Kyle was almost buzzing with excitement to see her! Bree flounced her way across that stone bridge with so much enthusiasm. I adored how tightly Kyle held BreeAna’s hand before she told him to turn around. Then they both began to cry tears of joy. Priceless!

How sweet is Bree’s dad’s face in these photos! He actually had to take a couple of extra seconds to gather himself before he finally opened his eyes to behold his beautiful baby girl. Everyone present choked up at such a sweet moment!

The Bridal Party

The bridal party consisted of many family members and a few really close friends. It was really clear what Bree and Kyle’s focus was on for their wedding day; those who have loved, supported, and grown with them over their lives. It was wonderful! I loved the ethereal shades that Bree chose for her maids’ gowns and everyone looked so lovely set against such an enchanting backdrop.

The Ceremony

Besides close friends and family, the other main focus for this wedding was the ceremony itself. This moment was of the utmost importance to BreeAna and Kyle. Kyle’s father performed the very personal and touching ceremony which was located on the sandy beach of a lake at The Azalea Path. Being in such a gorgeous location and hearing such tender words made it feel like the heavens opened and angels themselves were blessing the nuptials.

The Reception

One thing I haven’t seen in a long time at a wedding is a receiving line. I think it fell out of popularity at some point because brides and grooms wanted to have the opportunity to spend their receptions dancing or enjoying other festivities, rather than standing in one place for hours on end shaking the hands of people they probably didn’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a couple really enjoys their wedding celebration. However, Kyle and Bree made sure to invite all of the people they loved most to their wedding. Rather than dancing the night away, Bree and Kyle took the time to greet every single guest and have a photo taken with them. It was in theme with the focus and priority of their wedding day, and I absolutely loved that for them!

The Couple

These two certainly made my job easy! From Bree’s incredible Miss Hailey Page gown that she nicknamed her “cupcake dress” to both of their stunning good looks and the lush scenery, I was in wedding photography heaven! The romance this couple shares is palpable and my heart swooned with every click of my shutter release!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I know they have many happy and harmonious years together. More than that, I know that when the sea of life becomes treacherous, BreeAna and Kyle will be there to help one another through the storm.

The Creative Team

Venues: Azalea Path Botanical Garden and Arboretum and 
Princeton Fair Grounds
Florist: Mayflower Garden
Hair Stylist: Jackie Fulton
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Ali Kermode 
Dress Designer and Dress Shop: Hayley Paige at House of White
Menswear: Ella Park Bridal 
Caterer: Carriage Inn 
Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator: Candace Joiner
Event Designer/Decorator: OBJ Design

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