The Lee Family

All the stars had to align for the Lee family and I to be able to photograph their portrait session! From hand injuries, to illness, to a black eye, I swear Murphey’s Law had a vendetta against us.

When everyone was finally healed and healthy, we met up at the Evansville State Hospital grounds. It was late summer/early fall and the afternoon was absolutely gorgeous! The light was so warm and glowy and it enveloped this pretty group of people perfectly!

As with all family sessions, my favorite photos are the closeups of all of the snuggly moments. Parents loving on their kids and siblings teasing and playing with one another…those tender and silly interactions are the kinds of memories my mama heart loves creating and remembering.

Even though having their photos taken is rarely a child’s favorite thing to do, the Lee children did their best to put on their cutest smiles. They are the most beautiful children!

I love having the opportunity to work with all kinds of families and share my talents with them! I know how important it is to preserve as many memories as possible because these precious child-rearing years are so fleeting! It’s my deepest hope that the Lees cherish the moments captured during their family session for generations to come!


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