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Danielle and Gary are Engaged!


I’m so excited to kick Wedding Season 2020 off with this adorable couple! Danielle is actually the sister of one of my 2019 Grooms, so it will be really fun to get together with their sweet family once more to celebrate such a wonderful season in their lives!

How They Met

Gary and Danielle went to the same high school and actually graduated the same year, but didn’t know each other. It wasn’t until several years later that they connected at a local bar on the west side of Evansville, IN. They both went to the bar with their respective groups of friends and somehow just began chatting. Danielle gave Gary a ride home that night and she says, “we just kept talking from there.”

The Proposal

The couple went to Bloomington, IN for a weekend trip to celebrate their two year dating anniversary. Gary planned on proposing to Danielle on a hike they went on that morning, but the girl got hangry and he thought better of it! After returning to their cabin, Danielle hopped into the shower and was surprised to find Gary in the bathroom when she finished. He quickly darted out and, when following him to investigate, Gary got down on one knee and proposed. Danielle laughs, “The first thing I said was ‘yes’ followed by ‘I’m in a towel!!’ It fits us perfectly, though, because we can be a little awkward at times.”

The Couple

This Renaissance couple has the most unique combination of hobbies, interests, and favorite things. Danielle’s favorites include reading and musicals while Gary prefers backpacking, paintball, and mountain biking. Together, they love going on walks/hiking, playing video games, and watching corny movies. Include sushi or Italian food with any of these activities and you have a recipe for a perfect night out (or in, as the case may be) for the future Mr. and Mrs.

Danielle and Gary both cherish their ability to communicate well, as well as their self proclaimed “awkward dorkiness” (which I happen to find completely adorable!) They cannot wait to celebrate their love for one another on their wedding day, which is coming up in March 2020 at Kokie’s Echo Valley. All of us are really looking forward to the party that is sure to be epic!

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