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Finn’s Birth


Birth photography is so special and something that I don’t get to do as often as I would like. Of course I am all in when the stars align!

The Induction

Amanda was induced, but progress was slow. She expected to labor for over 24 hours. Her doctor had administered a capsule to help her dilate, but things were just not moving along. I could feel the disappointment in her text when she told me that I could relax for the night after being on call all day. I was shocked when I got a text from Amanda a couple of hours later saying that her body had all of a sudden jumped into action and I needed to book it to the hospital!

The Labor

Even though Amanda had an epidural, I don’t think it worked properly. The poor girl worked through every contraction like a total queen. At one point, Amanda asked her husband, Nick, to play Christmas music because it “made her happy.” Nick and Amanda worked together as an incredible team. They even laughed and joked during the brief moments when Amanda wasn’t in agony.

The Birth

Amanda and Nick finally welcomed their baby boy into the world after three whirlwind hours of labor. Their sweet, tiny babe was completely perfect! The nurses placed little Finn into the arms of his mommy and daddy after careful measurements and every finger and toe was counted. Nick’s eyes welled up with tears when he held his boy for the first time.

The Baby

Finn is loved dearly by his family who were there to greet him as soon as they were able to. I just love the tender expressions on his Grandma’s face as she says hello for the first time!

I’m so grateful that I was invited to share this experience with Amanda and Nick! Birth-days are so very near and dear to my heart. There is no other experience that invites the presence of angels more than the birth of a new baby.

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