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Cameron + Chloe


It’s April and officially wedding month for Chloe and Cameron! I’m so excited to finally take some time to blog their engagement photos! They turned out so pretty, despite the frigid temps. Maybe even because of them! (Note the pretty snow flurries and dramatic icicles in some of their pictures.)

How They Met

Cameron and Chloe both lived in the same building their Junior year at USI. Chloe’s roommate was a friend of Cameron’s, so the last two years of college, their group of friends was pretty tight knit. When I met with Chloe and Cameron for the first time, I remember them telling me how they were friends for quite a long time before their relationship turned romantic. I loved that! I truly believe the BEST marriages begin with a good friendship.

The Proposal

After two years of friendship and another year of courtship, Cameron was ready to make Chloe his forever companion. He invited Chloe on a walk around the USI campus, where they met those years before. Unbeknownst to Chloe, Cameron had hidden the ring at a lamp post near their favorite part of their walk. He also arranged for a friend to pop out at the perfect moment to snap photos of the proposal. Everything came off without a hitch and, of course, she said ‘yes!’. Because of the history they have on campus at USI, it was only fitting that we return there for their engagement session. In fact, we shot a portion of their session very near the exact spot that Cameron proposed! (swoon)

The Couple

Cameron in a Mechanical Engineer with Hafer Design and Architecture, and Chloe is an Academic Advisor at USI for first year business students. While they aren’t busy working, the two adore cooking together. Chloe loves baking and says her specialty is chocolate chip cookies (uh hem…. my favorite cookie to eat just so happens to be chocolate chip…hint, hint). In fact, they describe their ideal date night as whipping up a new recipe and enjoying a few episodes of their favorite TV show together.

Their hobbies also include all things Star Wars and playing Dungeons and Dragons with family (Cameron), reading, and watching sitcoms like The Office, Parks and Rec, and NCIS (Chloe). If they get the opportunity to include ice cream in any of those activities, they will!

One funny thing about their relationship is that during their years of friendship, before they EVER thought about dating, Cameron would tell Chloe often that she was ‘wife material.’ Luckily Chloe had the guts to make the first move on Cameron and prove to him how right is was!

When I asked the couple what their favorite things were about one another, this is what they said:

Chloe: “Cameron sees the best, most positive qualities about any person, situation, or problem. There’s rarely a time that he finds fault in others or sees the bad in anything – instead, he’s always reminding me to look for positives, blessings, and the good side of everything.”

Cameron: “Chloe is always incredibly aware of what’s going on around her. She sees problems and circumstances very clearly and can accurately determine solutions and relations between things that can be seen and heard and things that are only inferred. This is what makes her so smart, and her big brain is smokin’ hot!”

STOP IT. So sweet!

The Wedding

Chloe and Cameron will be tying the knot at The Farmer and Frenchman in Henderson, KY at the end of April! They are most excited to dance the night away and for ice cream from Milk & Sugar (duh)! I can’t wait to celebrate with one of the sweetest couple I have the pleasure of working with this year!

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