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The Hassler Wedding


Vanessa and Nathan’s wedding was such a wonderful experience for everyone involved! This couple is so genuine, kind, and thoughtful and their positive vibes trickled out and affected everyone they came in contact with in the best ways. Vanessa was one of the most easy going brides I’ve ever and the pleasure of working with. Her complete trust in me and willingness to do anything I asked made photographing every part of her wedding day an absolute dream. I wish every wedding could run as smoothly as this one!

Getting Ready

Vanessa booked the PERFECT location for her getting ready experience. She found an AirBnB located on the north side of Evansville, IN that had not only plenty of room, but gorgeous natural light, AND white walls, floors, and ceilings! This 100+ year old house made it so easy to get gorgeous shots of the bride and her maids prepping for the big day. I loved the antique, white washed wood floors so much, I utilized them in photographing Vanessa’s and Nathan’s wardrobe and invitation suite flats lays.

Vanessa kept the moment she put her gown on very intimate by only asking her mom to help her. I personally love it when brides make this choice because there just aren’t really any other wedding day formalities that include mothers of the brides! Isn’t that crazy?!

The boys always have it so much easier when it comes to getting ready! To keep things quick and simple for them, Nathan got ready at the church he and Vanessa were holding their wedding ceremony at. This choice worked out so well! Not only did the church itself prove to be a great backdrop, the convenience of it all really kept the atmosphere light (read VERY cooperative Groomsmen!)

Also, how stinking cute is that getting ready moment of Nathan and his son?! Oh, be sure my heart was a puddle on the floor!

The First Looks

Because Vanessa’s Bridesmaids didn’t help her dress, we were able to arrange a first look with with instead. I adore all of their reactions to seeing Vanessa all dolled up for the first time! Vanessa has a great girl squad, let me tell ya!

Vanessa’s first look with her father was equally as touching. He was so obviously enamored by his beautiful daughter and I can only imagine the pride that must have been pumping through his veins that day.

The Letters

Nathan and Vanessa exchanged pre-wedding letters and gifts. I never read the letters, but I can tell how much they mean to every bride and groom who does this. The smiles and tears say everything. I always feel so privileged to get to be the one delivering them!

The Ceremony

The Sanctuary at the church was packed full of friends and family all eager to witness the happy couple exchange their vows. What made this ceremony even more special was that Nathan’s brother was the priest who performed it! Plus, Nathan’s little boy was the ring bearer. It was a really meaningful experience for all involved!

The Bridal Party

After the wedding ceremony, we stole some time to get some really beautiful shots outside of the church. This good-looking Bridal Party was so easy to work with! I think part of it was because the majority of them are law enforcement officers and used to taking orders directions, but honestly I think it’s because they have such a genuine love and connection with Nathan and Vanessa that they really wanted to make their day enjoyable. Take note future Brides and Grooms: Those are the RIGHT kind of people to include in your Bridal Party!

From the church we ventured to the Evansville State Hospital grounds for the rest of the Bridal Party set and some gorgeous Bride and Groom portraits.

The Bride and Groom

Mr. and Mrs. Hassler are just the cutest! The obvious height difference between them doesn’t seem to create any boundaries for their love and care for one another. Vanessa was clearly head over heals for her dashing groom and Nathan was so gentle and loving toward his cherished bride. We had a great time canoodling and snapping away at this scenic location.

The Reception Details

Another amazing choice that Vanessa made for her wedding was to use Sola Wood Flowers for all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, and table arrangements. I had never seen anything like it before, so it was really fun to photograph these details. Not only did she think outside of the box for her flowers, Vanessa DIY’d everything herself, including the adorable bride and groom cake pops her guests devoured with delight. Vanessa also made sure to make her reception dessert allergy friendly by serving gluten-free and non-dairy soft serve ice cream to her guests. Everyone was thrilled!

The Reception

After dancing the night away, taking the time to greet each and every guest, exchanging hugs and kisses, and ultimately having the time of their lives, Nathan and Vanessa exited their reception under the glow of sparklers. I adore a good sparkler exit and this one did not disappoint!

The Hassler wedding was an incredibly heartwarming event and I am so grateful that I was invited to be a part of it! I wish all the best to Nathan and Vanessa in their upcoming lifetime of nuptial bliss!

The Video

Check out Nathan and Vanessa’s moving wedding video by Powers Productions, LLC

The Creative Team

Venues: Ceremony - Sacred Heart Church

        Reception - The Crescent Room

Flowers: Sola Wood Flowers
Hair Stylist: Michelle Hancock
Makeup Artist: DaKyissa Cleon
Dress Shop: Ella Park Bridal 
DJ: Superior Entertainment
Caterer: Marx BBQ
Cake: Dairy Queen

Soft Serve Ice Cream: Margaritas on the Move

Rentals: Superior Entertainment
Transportation: Feller Limousine

Videography: Powers Productions, LLC

  1. Chiko says:

    Thanks for sharing. I felt like I got to celebrate with you all. I do have to say the cake couldve been bigger ????gotta celebrate with more ice cream. You are such a beautiful bride. But you’re a beautiful person. Love to you clear from Montana

    • shillawna says:

      I love that you felt like you were there by reading the blog and looking at the photos! That is 100% my goal!

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