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Ashley + Trent’s Maternity Session


I was so excited when Ashley contacted me about photographing her maternity session! Her sister, Melissa, was one of my former brides. I remember Melissa’s family being so kind to me at her wedding, so I knew working with Ashley would be a dream!

Ashley was carrying her first child, so documenting this season in her life was especially important to her. She and Trent, her husband, were over the moon excited for the birth of their baby girl and had waited a very long time for her to come. Sharing in these cherished experiences with really great human beings is one of the best parts of what I do!

We met in New Harmony and spent a little time at Swan Lake, which is behind the New Harmony Inn. We were even graced by a couple of their lovely creatures for a few shots. (Fun fact: I have a love/hate relationship with swans…I think they are so beautiful but I have been bit and chased by one too many at various wedding venues to really feel comfortable around them, haha! So I was pretty glad when they just kind of swam through the background and went on their way.)

Next, we headed over to the Harmonist Labyrinth to wrap up Ashley’s maternity session. She brought along her ultrasound photo and a cute little letter board announcing Baby’s due date. It was a really great time just hanging out, chatting about baby things, and capturing some really beautiful memories.

I’m so excited for when Ashley has the opportunity to look back at these photos. After her tummy is flat and she can see her feet again, she will be reminded of how gorgeous she was in this season of life and how special carrying her baby inside her womb was.

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