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Historic Engagement Session: DJ + Lisa


Lisa and DJ are one of my amazing couples who were supposed to get married in May of this year. Unfortunately they have had to postpone their big day because of COVID-19 social distancing and shelter in place orders. It breaks my hear that they, and so many of my other clients, have been affected this way. I can’t imagine anything much worse than having to completely start from scratch after they have already spent so much time (and sometimes money) planning their weddings in the first place.

Roll With It

One of the things that makes DJ and Lisa so amazing is their ability to roll with the punches and help each other over life’s hurtles. They have been together for almost 8 years now, so they have seen their fair share of life’s ups and downs.

Even though this couple is pushing their wedding day back for another year, I wanted to go ahead and take a little time to highlight their relationship and show off a few of their gorgeous engagement photos. We need all the positivity right now, RIGHT?!

The Proposal

Lisa and DJ met through mutual friends. One thing led to another and after a long relationship and a son together, DJ finally proposed. He took Lisa to a college basketball game in Las Vegas. During half time, they were invited onto the court where Lisa was told she and DJ would be participating in a couples shooting contest. Instead, DJ bent the knee and asked Lisa to be his wife!

The Couple

Lisa is an accomplished hair stylist and and lash extension expert (check her lashes out in the photos – they’re GORGEOUS!) DJ coaches and offers instructional training for kids basketball. Their favorite past times include grilling in the backyard (I hear DJ is a pretty skilled with the BBQ), spending time with friends and family, and vacationing. They love trying new restaurants and are always down to watch a new TV series.

Fun Facts

When I asked Lisa what some interesting facts about their relationship are, she said, “We bicker like an old married couple. Most people think we are always arguing but we just keep it real all. the. time. When people hear us talk this way they think we are fighting. We aren’t, lol!” Maybe it’s because I can be a bit of a smart mouth myself sometimes, but I actually think they are hilarious.

When asked to describe each other in 5 words, DJ says Lisa is, “beautiful, keeps it 100, planner, wonderful mother, and dramatic.” Lisa says DJ is, “Confident, Procrastinator, Life of the Party, Athletic, Salt and Wing lovin’ fool.” The one thing they couldn’t live without (besides each other and their son) is chapstick (Lisa) and Sour Patch Kids (DJ). If you don’t already love these two, there’s something wrong with you! Haha!

The Engagement Session

For their location, Lisa and DJ decided they wanted a local, downtown vibe. There are a lot of really beautiful historic homes and architecture in downtown Evansville. We found a quiet street and snapped away! Lisa definitely knew how to bring the heat to the session, while DJ was always hamming it up. He was such a great sport when Lisa and I teamed up teasing him. I got some really great smiles from him that I know melted Lisa’s heart. This was a really fun shoot and I am just ecstatic about how lovely the photos turned out!

The Wedding

Whenever the wedding happens to take place, one thing is for sure; DJ and Lisa are most excited about the party (duh!) Lisa said they have waited their whole lives for that moment so once the time comes, the celebration will be of epic proportions!

  1. Dee Fowler says:

    Beautiful pictures and coulpe! Lisa looked stunning in her green dress! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

  2. Jackie Carter says:

    Love the pictures…and the write up! They are both amazing and you both look great! Sorry that all of your plans have been messed with, but it is only a matter of time. You will still have your day and I can’t wait to se the pictures then!!

  3. Tammi staum says:

    Absolutely Beautiful photos! Lisa is stunning! What a gorgeous couple!!!

  4. Holly Dunn Pendleton says:

    Love this couple! They exude happiness and love! And I love a great sense of humor and these 2 have it! Wishing them a lifetime of laughter!!

  5. Carla Pannell says:

    Beautiful pics really looking forward to the wedding to spending this special day with my family they both look so happy and it’s going to be a epic day. Congratulations to you Both

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