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Summer Louisville, KY Wedding: Jeremy + Phuong


I’m so excited to be able to share the photos from this wedding in Louisville, KY! As much as I would love to brag that I’m always on top of my blogging, the truth is I’m just not. There are so many facets to running a small business, let alone being a photographer, that sometimes blogging gets set on the back burner. Add to that three kids and there you go. A recipe for getting behind on just about anything.

Phuong and Jeremy were married last summer in Louisville, KY at it was such a beautiful event! Not only was it incredible to work with many new vendors, but this was a multi-cultural wedding to boot, making it one of my favorite wedding experiences ever!

Getting Ready

Jeremy and Phuong had separate rooms at two different locations to get ready at; Phuong was at a local hotel while Jeremy chose to hang out with his friends and family at an Air BnB. Jeremy’s location provided lots of space and a great backyard for his getting ready photos, but Phuong chose to take advantage of the beatiful indoors of her wedding and reception venue (and it’s air conditioning) for her getting ready photos. I photographed Phoung and Jeremy’s flat lay images in Phuong’s room, met Jeremy at his Air BnB, and then ended up at the wedding venue to continue on with taking picture of Phuong dressing. It worked out quite nicely and I am so pleased with how all of the photos turned out!

The First Look

Right down the street from Noah’s Event Center is the Papa John’s Park. This park is SO gorgeous and provided the prettiest back drop for Jeremy and Phuong’s first look. I got Jeremy all set up then escorted Phuong to where one of the most exciting walks of her life would start. She casually sashayed her way to Jeremy, gave him some sweet snuggles, whispered something into his ear, and then he turned around to behold his beautiful bride! Jeremy’s face was priceless! His smile and wide eyed surprise at just HOW lovely Phuong looked was a huge bright moment during their wedding day!

The Wedding Party

After the couple had ample time for hugs and kisses and we took a few photographs of the two of them together, it was time to meet up with the rest of the Bridal Party. This group was really sweet and so cooperative! It really helped us get the photos done in next to no time at all. It’s a good thing too, because it was steaming hot that day! (Think mid-July in the South) With the men in suits and Phuong in her heavy wedding gown, getting overheated was a reality. Luckily we finished with smiles still on everyone’s faces and then whisked back to the wedding venue for family photos.

The Tea Ceremony

This was the first Tea Ceremony I have photographed with one of my own Brides. The Bride and Groom are formally presented to both sides of their closest family members. They then serve tea to all of those family members, with a bow, as a way to honor and show respect to them. When the Bride’s and Groom’s parents have been presented with tea, that moment marks the point when the two families become one. In return, the family offers gifts to the Bride and Groom to celebrate their marriage. You can read more about Wedding Tea Ceremonies here.

The Wedding Ceremony

After the traditional Tea Ceremony, Phuong and Jeremy prepared for their western Wedding Ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful! Both Bride and Groom were so open and emotional. They wrote their own touching vows and I may or may not have teared up myself! After they were pronounced ‘Husband and Wife,’ they kissed to the cheers of their adoring family and friends.

The Bride and Groom

Phuong and Jeremy’s love is so easy and natural, it was a dream to get the prettiest collection of images of them together. We took advantage of the pretty patio and portico just outside of the reception hall for a few sets of photos, and then moved to a lush, green lot across the street for the rest. By this point, all of the stress that comes with even the best planned weddings had melted away. Jeremy’s attentiveness to Phuong and her clear adoration of him was blatantly obvious and it came through effortlessly. My heart sings when I look at the images of this beautiful couple. I hope with all my heart they will remember how in love they felt in that moment every time they look at their photographs.

The Reception

Everyone was ready to relax and let their hair down after such an eventful day! After a lovely welcome from the new Mr. and Mrs. Luu-Chang gave their welcome speeches, the guests were treated to a 7 course Asian inspired meal. Let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC! They served SUSHI, people!!! After bellies were full, the Maid of Honor and Best Man toasted the Bride and Groom, and then it was time for the cake cutting. I thought the cake was so pretty, but it tasted even BETTER! It had to be one of the best wedding cakes I have ever tasted!

Finally, Jeremy and Phuong danced the night away with all of their guests. I’ve never seen a Bride and Groom have so much fun at their reception before! My second shooter and I even got in on the action once we were finished shooting for the night! (You might even see some cameos of our dance moves on the wedding video highlight reel!)

The evening ended with the most epic sparkler exit. It was the perfect denouement to the perfect wedding day!

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